Do You Think SuperAntiSpyware is a Rouge Program?

Do You Think SuperAntiSpyware is a Rouge Program? Please also reply with what you think.

you mean this?

it’s one of the best Antispywares :-TU

while its not a rouge, and in fact a awesome antispyware app, its website does kinda…suck
kinda gives a false impression on how good it is, or if its even a legit program


agreed…one of the best AS apps, but the website looks like malware city

Why in the world would you post such a thread. SAS and MBAM are the 2 top free anti spywares around.

yes sir! sorry sir! won’t happen again sir! :P0l ;D
but the SAS website really sucks ;D

Who cares if the website sucks. Download it from Filehippo if the site bother you. Matt from high recommends it

Ya. If i didn’t know of SAS from comodo, I would have assumed it was a rogue. But it isnt -it’s quite good.

I myself am quite stunned as to WHY this thread started.

The Author of SAS is actually registered here. Wonder what he would think. :o


Hmm topic starter just didn’t know of SAS. Though I can understand why… The website looks “Iffy”
Maybe it could be suggested to look not so “Flash”

Well I know someone who thinks it is a rouge, partly because Spyhunter detects it as one…
And I’ve researched it some, most people think it is ok but some think it is a rouge. So I just wanted to know what you guys thought.

I don’t understand why everyone is debating whether SAS is a cosmetic? My mother would NEVER use SAS, so it can’t be rouge.

I thought for a minute everyone was talking about SAS as a rogue program, but that is just silly…

I don’t think he comes here anymore…

And to you being stunned: I know lots of people who think SAS is a rouge (most are experienced computer guys).

And why do they think that ???

With all respect to you jeremysbost, I don’t think this topic is fair to the guys of SAS :frowning:

Greetz, Red

That’s it: I’m not sure why they think that. That’s also why I’m asking you guys. It does seem to look like a rouge program…(and it’s website does too)

I’m just asking. And since everyone is saying it is ok, it may be fair to them.

SAS kicks azz ! I love this program and I like MBAM too. Why ? Because they often can easily do the job of removing malware while big names strugle (and they are a lot smaller and lighter on resourses)

A+ for SAS from Commodus ! :Beer

jeremysbost, do you have any references to SAS being considered as a rouge program? Links?

Personally I have no opinion. I’ve tried SAS without any problems at all but just to scan on demand. It seems like I never find antispyware software useful.


Why ?

Greetz, Red.

Maybe because of that guy with the shades ;D So cliche 88)

By the way, I’ve never understood how you should translate “rouge” in these cases (although I do understand what you mean). Google won’t help much. Which synonym would you chose? ???