Do You Think SuperAntiSpyware is a Rouge Program?

Jeez, talk about a Rouge looking website and Rouge sounding issues, see for a the previous Comodo discussion. Now changed for the better, of course. I use and like SAS also, and think rumors like this fall in the category of “Do you think xxxxx is a Muslim?”. Go Google “superantispyware rouge” and see the fuel you add to the fire-an (I hope) unintended consequence.

Sigh I did, know I can’t find them. I’m not in a habit of saving interesting links.

I just can’t explain it well. It just “seemed” like a fake (and I didn’t quite like the tray icon either).

After looking it up, it seems most definitions are like this: “reddish makeup for cheeks” :slight_smile:

 Here to add that SuperAntiSpyware is [b]NOT[/b] a rogue application.  It is probably the best antispyware app these days along with MBAM.  I have used these programs many times with no problems.  Plus there are various reviews of this app on the net.


Currently one person thinks it is a rouge, while 18 thinks it is safe. I guess it probably is safe, though I like Malwarebyte’s better.

What do you mean you guess? It it safe!

Yes yes yes. Everyone says it is, but I know some who aren’t so sure. That’s why I say “I guess”.

Well…I guess you can say “I guess” about every app nowadays. It’s hard to tell what is what and what is safe.


 You say that some people you know are not sure of SuperAntiSpyware.  I'm curious to know what behavior is SAS displaying for your friends to label it as a ROGUE application?  Maybe they encountered another type of rogue application with a similar name to SAS?


There’s no doubt at all about the authenticity of SAS,any ‘reviews’ you might have seen stating different are probably of dubious origins themselves.Softpedia,Filehippo…and all other respected portals can’t be wrong.

Anyway if it was a rogue it’d be a pretty badly thought out one,since the whole purpose of a rogue is to throw up loads of fake infections to dupe you into paying for a product.SAS offers free detection and removal of malware.

As for the Spyhunter rating,I’d pay no heed to that.It has a very checkered past and was formerly on the rogue antispyware list itself. (:TNG)

So I guess if some people tell you to jump of a bridge, and others don’t tell you to - You will be undecided? People are ALWAYS going to have different opinions on products, negative or positive are the 2 stereotypes. Time to stop listening to others and go with your gut feeling!

Final words: SAS is NOT a Rouge App! Hope you can close this thread soon. :wink:


Heh, I would be ashamed to let Nick see this thread continued. :slight_smile:

 I agree with what you said.  My point was maybe they were mistaken or confused when they thought SAS is a rogue.  I have used SAS for some time now and it has never shown any type of rogue behavior, hence my guess that they might have mistaken SAS for another malware that tries to mimic it (although I haven't seen any rogues that try to mimic SAS).


OK; time to lock it. Enough false rumor fodder for Google searches