"Do not ask me this question again" for GeekBuddy not working

I installed “cispremium_installer_6100_08.exe” without GeekBuddy in German. On access to some virus I get the (German) dialogue “Would you like a GeekBuddy …”. Although I check the “Do not ask me this question again” and then click the “No, I will try to clean it myself”, I’m asked again next time (after reboot).

Another minor “problem” with this dialogue: Since I did not install GeekBuddy, this dialogue should never appear.


and exclusion does not work either for my Virtual Clone Drive.

Please use the required format.

I will move this one to “Resolved” section.
Thank you.

This is no answer to my question :frowning: - I don’t even see what “Please use the required format” may have to do with not working “Do not ask me this question again”! So moving to “Resolved” is a wrong decision.


"When creating a bug report always put your report in the required format. This will ensure that the developers have enough information to successfully reproduce, and fix, the issue you are experiencing. "
# required format

My original post has all needed information for this obvious bug - it makes a bad impression that you apparently don’t want to fix such a bug :(. And if you really need a special format (which has it’s advantages in many cases), then set-up a better/real bug tracking system, which already presents a form to be filled (instead of exacerbating reporters).

I am a volunteer moderator, not employee. Sometimes bugs just cannot be replicated, sometimes it takes too long. Reports have to be in a standard format and should contain good descriptions in order to take as less time as possible.
As far as I’m concerned, I would report issues and wish requests but I will have to provide data. The issue you’re experiencing is an isolated one-- not everyone experiences it.

Don’t take this the wrong way but I do report the non-standard when I have the time.