DNS test page?


I use Comodo secure dns.
My question: the secure dns has a “test page”, to test the dns server settings in my PC works or not?
eg. The norton secure dns has a report page: http://setup.nortondns.com/
Exist so page for comodo secure dns?


This currently isn’t released yet (still beta), however it is scheduled to be released soon.

Still not created a test page for Comodo secure DNS? ???

Hi, the test page should be included in a release of SecureDNS next month. Thanks for your patience.

just a quick question is the next release of securedns going to include siteinspector?


Yes. They have already integrate,ed SI and DNS but they will start feeding dns lists with SI lists in few weeks.

What is this ‘site inspector’? I have not heard about it before :slight_smile:

Check it out

Thanks, seems very interesting. Would be great if this would be included in the DNS :-TU

it will be integrated into secureDNS. it will be comodos version of a web filter

sounds great, secureDNS ability to block dangerous websites will increase :-TU