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Title says it all


Nope. ‘COMODO Time Machine’ is a totally reworked/evolved Disk Shield due out soon. :wink:

That’s right. And eventually you will be able to have Time Machine either separate, or integrated in CIS (3.9.x or 4.0.x, I don’t remember what they say).

COMODO Time Machine? Can this be downloaded and tested?

It hasn’t been released yet.

so is it like a system restore then. I asked a question on another thread of how this affects av and os updates and games saves. and how does Comodo stack up against G-Data Internet security 2009 or total security 2009. I have looked and cannot find a comparison of Comodo products to G- Data`s

No one really knows what COMODO Time Machine will be like. It will definitely be a drastic improvement upon the disk shield BETA.

But yes, basically (as far as we know), it is like a windows system restore…on steriods… ;D

Title says it all :slight_smile:

Melih, is true that it will be a part of CIS?

Time Machine will be the Cure aspect of CIS, so yes it will be integrated :wink:

The need of a security software with new features is universal.The need of a stable and seperate diskshield is felt even more. Because comodo is invovled in several application most of which can remved and alternative from other companies can be used instead.But comodo disk shied is first of its kind. Softwares like Comodo time machine is very rare and few .This is wat developers have to keep in mind while bringing the stable software fast.


Really looking forward to this addition! :-TU :slight_smile:

D+ alone is strong enough to fight any malware…

If comodo does this timemachine right and it works as I hope (some kind of sandbox that can prevent changes to become permanent) then it will probably be a other tool that is so strong alone that its really all that is needed to prevent “most” baddies…

But when comodo combines BOTH those technologies that alone can fight anything then we talk security! =)

  • that it will have the great AV and BO protection! Keep up the great work of layers COMODO!

:comodorocks: :comodo110:

COMODO Time Machine is going to be the ‘icing on the cake’. Good Luck. :-TU

If anyone pays for alternative Security Software when that thing’s released, they seriously need their heads 3xpl01T testing…

Things I Hope for…

  • Hoping it works with a TrueCrypt Encrypted System Partition.
  • Hoping I can Schedule it like Returnil.
  • Hoping the Scheduler FORCES the User to Reboot, instead of just ‘Auto Enabling’ while the User has lots of Applications running.
  • Hoping I can store the Cache of C:\ on the unprotected D:\ Drive. (This will make it compatible with Asus Eee PC’s small SSD’s. Returnil greys-out the ‘Disk Caching’ Option during install. I presume because of the 4GB System Disk size; only 500MB of Free Space left. Memory Caching doesn’t last long enough before its Full.) EDIT: It should boost the performance too. For some reason the 8GB D:\ Drive ‘reads’ about twice the speed of the 4GB embedded SSD.
[guest[at]myfaun /]$ dd bs=10M if=/dev/sda | gzip - > /media/External/eeepc_ssd4GB.image.gz
384+1 records in
384+1 records out
4034838528 bytes (4.0 GB) copied, 908.723 s, 4.4 MB/s
[guest[at]myfaun /]$ dd bs=10M if=/dev/sdb | gzip - > /media/External/eeepc_ssd8GB.image.gz
769+1 records in
769+1 records out
8069677056 bytes (8.1 GB) copied, 834.138 s, 9.7 MB/s

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Does comodo time machine modify the mbr??

AFAIK, no it doesn’t alter the MBR. Since the MBR is included in the partition on the disk drive, CTM includes that in its image as well, because CTM is copying the entire state of the disk which includes the MBR.

Does it have a pre-os or something on every boot.Can u brief explain how it restores whn windows does not boot?

CTM takes a “picture” also called an “image” of your entire hard drive. This image is the entire state of your disk at that moment (includes applications, settings, etc, etc). You can schedule it and such to take images whenever you want. It’s like System Restore in Windows, only CTM covers your WHOLE entire hard drive (the partition you are using) whereas System Restore only covers your Program Files and OS files (excluding your documents and such). So with this, you can roll back your PC to an earlier state using the CTM application (so the OS must be running). I don’t know when/if it will ever have an option like in Macrium or Acronis where you can use a boot disk to load the imaging program into RAM and restore Windows to an earlier state while it is not running.

Thanks , i am still having doubts which will certainly be solved CTM is released;If the “image” crashes or fails to load windows , how will u open CTM ,to go to baseline snapshot.

My understanding was different…

I thought it didn’t backup the MBR. I thought it did write to the MBR, but only when using the multi-boot feature.

I thought, instead of it taking an entire image of the whole Partition, it Locked the Partition (read-only) and wrote to a Cache File when the PC was being used (only the Cache File was writeable). Then once a Snapshot was taken, the contents of the Cache File became the contents of that Snapshot.

I’m dieing to RTFM now! ;D

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