Discussion about unannounced CIS Beta

Comodo Internet Security Premium 6.3.291162.2907 Beta

Mod edit: I have removed the link as it was not officially released by Comodo

We have a section for error (bug) CIS beta version?
Now. I can see. Through the entrance to the forum.

P.S. For information.
Full package of 187 Mb.

is it true ? where is the official link?

This official link! :wink:

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oh the installer size is big 187 mb and this is not the final version.

Regarding the supposedly new beta version.

I tried it and it detected that I already had CIS installed and hence wanted to do an Upgrade, this upgrade seems to be corrupt as it removes pretty much all files related to CIS. At this point I restored my back-up which I almost forgot to make before installing the upgrade. I decided to retry this a few times and came to the same result.

I then decided to completely uninstall the stable version of CIS before installing the BETA version and then import the configuration file, and this seems to be working fine so far.

So basically, if you are thinking about using the upgrade, MAKE A BACK UP! Or you might regret it. This is why it’s called a Beta I guess. =P

Edit: Other than that I don’t seem to be able to find any obvious changes like added features etc, other than privdog being added to the installer.

.....other than privdog being added to the installer.
Thanks for the info. So opinions on reduction package does not matter. Let us keep in mind. Thanks.

Didn’t egemen talk about vulnerabilities fixes ?

when this cis 6.3.291162.2907 beta introduced (beta version release date) in the forum?
why this new version is 187mb. is there any reason behind it? can anyone explain please

As far as I know this is not official. The software may be found on Comodo’s servers, but I will let you know that at this time I have not been informed of any Beta being released to the forum.

Thus, I would advise against installing this as I cannot tell you in which form of completion that build is in. It’s certainly possible that it could be very unstable. There is no guarantee it’s even in true Beta form. This may be a very very early Alpha, or worse.

I just don’t have enough information to be confident about this build.

Then remove it from the forums!

Good point.

I have now split these posts and moved them to the Beta section of the forum. Please continue your discussion here, but do not share the link outside of the Beta section.

Thank you.

Yes, there is absolutely no reason to share this link outside the forum, please wait an official announcement.

As Comodo has not officially released this as a Beta I have removed the download link. However, if you wish you can continue discussing the new version in this topic.

I apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

CIS 6.2 won’t install and run on Windows 8.1 RTM, but this 6.3 beta installs and runs without problem.

This is not a beta, it is an unstable (unofficial) test version. Please do not put it on any production machine,
And do NOT share it.
Thank you.

I’ve been using it since my last post and so far it is working fine, the only issue being the upgrade thing which corrupts pretty much the whole installation. So once installed correctly, it’s stable on my system.

So any news about turning off the windows 8 firewall by default when installing CIS? Is comodo planning to do something in this direction, or again the same nonsense argument that “W8Fw and CFW can coexist”?

I believe it’s Microsoft that is telling third-party developers not to turn it off…

HeffeD is correct. If comodo wants CIS to be certified by microsoft comodo cannot turn off the windows firewall. Egemen told us this a while ago.