Disapearring Detection Popups

Antivirus popups are disappearing instantly … can’t even read what happened… Happens on both my PC’s with default pop-up settings.
Both PC’s are windows 10, proactive Comodo settings, Windows notifications enabled. Can’t say much more though. It’s just annoying.

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Please be more detailed. Is this a clean install? Did you import the configurations? What version of CIS are you using? Does the same happen with a clean install?

No it happens after some days of using it. I imported default proactive configuration and just made some changes like disabled sounds, Av -enabled heuristics, firewall - arp spoofing… just the standard according to community recommended settings. No changes to popups whatsoever so i have absolutely no idea why that happens. Antivirus popups just appears and is instantly gone. Iam using the latest version available on both computers

Do you keep the computer running over multiple days without rebooting or shutdown? Do you have play sound when an alert is shown enabled? Can you check for memory dumps in C:\ProgramData\Comodo\CisDumps folder to see if a CIS process is crashing? Does it only happen with AV alerts or with other alerts?

No my computer runs only at day and is off during the night, Sounds are disabled as I already said, Process is not crashing and it’s happening only with AV Alerts.

Can you check the logs of both the Anti-virus and Alerts category of events, do they indicate if an answer was given? Does the AV events show any failure?