Development Activities for CIS. [CLOSED]

Hey Guys !

Here are the current dev activities for CIS:


Is a new build still on track for this year?

Hopefully. :smiley:


I hope it comes out this year! atleaste a beta…

fingers crossed…


Would be a great improvement indeed. With these it would almost be perfect.
I just miss a anti spam than

Beta would be cool.

Another reminder, Please don’t expect a release at the end of the year with all this in it. Deadlines can happen, and things can change… That’s why I said “hopefully” in the sticky as that’s what Comodo is aiming for… But things can happen!


Understood. (and excited)

awesome, (R)

Thank you for keeping us informed about what is to come. It’s very exciting to read and I am sure it will be equally interesting to play with. :slight_smile:

I would say early next year but you never know…it might be on 23:59 59 December 31st. Anyway it will be a early or late new years present.


I’m looking forward to this update very much. Threattcast and a larger whitelist\black list for usability :BNC

Then we have Hueristics comming out… If anyone has used the online scan of CIMA it’s absoloutly amazing With high detection rates and low FP.
What do you guys think? Maybe it could be the most effective Hueristics in todays world? :wink:

Of course that’s what COMODO is aiming for. :wink: And CIMA will soon be able to test installers too (that would normally require user input), and there are many rogue installers these days…CIMA will have so power in CIS.

Well if you guys manage to implement all this from the list i might seriously consider changing for CIS.
I also hope you’ll improve scan performance because it’s rather slow on non infectable files (like MP3’s).

Hello RejZoR, .439 should have improved the scanning of certain files (Including Mp3’s) have you tried that version?

Sounds Good
just hope the CVTRES.EXE thing is fixed in MF.

About the white list database, will users be able to submit programs that are not in the white list database to COMODO so they can be put in?

Is there any news on progress in\ improvements of the speed at which virus samples are handled and added to the database? It is still extremely slow and inconsistent, and if it is not possible to keep up with the amount of received samples now, how will this be possible in x weeks or months?

Definitely an improvement over the earlier releases, but still noticeably slower than other scanners in my test :(. Hopefully devs will not omit this.