CTM was causing severe damage to NTFS file system

Current release 2.3. Windows XP Home SP3 x86. One physical PATA drive with the only C:\ partition (NTFS) spanned across whole disk.

First time this occured randomly. During OS loading chkdsk appeared and found (and fixed) very long list of errors. After OS was loaded some apps have become “broken” due to their files were not fixed by chkdsk. Reverting to previous CTM snapshot fixed problem.

Second time this happened after reverting back to one of CTM snapshots (not that one which was used to successfuly recover system). All repeated: chkdsk and enourmous list of fixes, broken apps etc.
After minor investigation i came to conclusion that discussed snapshot was created damaged by CTM. I’m 100% confident i’m right in this case.

By a sequence of manipulations i was able to recover my OS and 99% of IMPORTANT documents. Not bad.

My mistake i considered CTM as self-contained reliable solution (in terms of preserving disk data). Relied upon CTM ALONE …and was beaten (:AGY) (:KWL)

PS. Some people have already reported same/similar issue on this board.

More details here (in russian).

Everybody, JFYI (not exact case but something near):

before installing CTM make a hard test (really hard stress-test with may cycles) of a disk surface with something like Victoria or MHDD.

During my xperience with CTM mature systers (EAZ-Fix and Rollback RX) on a one PC I’ve lost everything until baseline – just because one sector that was autoremapped (by drive) after testing. According to developpers (somewhere in EAZSolutions KB) a snapshots info stored in a complex tree-like hierarchy. As a consequence just only one error in a wrong place can trigger very massive error propagation.

So just b sure in Ur hd state before installing CTM.

VitRom, I also am a long time user of Rollback and Im afraid i dont agree with your advice about first stress testing your harddrive before installing CTM. IMO this will be a complete waste of time and put your harddrive through unnecessary stress in itself!

The chkdsk problem destroying your harddrive has been a long time issue with Rollback (and the like) and not surprising has resurfaced here with CTM. With the latest version of Rollback (V9.1), it seemed like the problem had been resolved but i read a recent post of someone having this issue again. :frowning:

The problem arises when your PC crashes and you reboot. For some reason Rollback (and now CTM) gets its " complex tree-like hierarchy" corrupted and chkdsk attempts to repair (bad idea). Chkdsk finds hundreds and hundreds of “errors” and “fixes” them resulting in the current snapshot being unusable and usually will damage previously good snapshots. In worst case scenario the damage will extend right up to and including the baseline snapshot :o

The trick is (I learned from painfull experience) to NOT ALLOW CHKDSK TO RUN. Even better dont boot into the last snapshot where the crash occurred at all. Just press the “Home” key upon reboot at the appropiate time. I usually boot into the last snapshot immediately before the crash. If this boots with chkdsk wanting to run again…dont allow it to run. Simply reboot as soon as possible (if it even boots) and try the next recent snapshot, and so on and so on until you get a snaphsot that boots without the need for chkdsk to run. At this time, you know you have a good working system with no corruption. Delete all snapshots after this working one. They’re more trouble than their worth. If you absolutely need to, you can try to recover your recent data files from the last snapshot that crashed and caused all of this headache BEFORE you delete these snapshots. In the past i’ve had mixed results in that the recovered data has sometimes been corrupted. (The data in the crashed snapshot is corrupted which by the nature of the recovery process overwrites your good albeit old data). So recover at your own risk.

Whew that was a lot to type. I hope it saves someone a massive headache! :SMLR

Well done :-TU Got an impression You have extensive experience in this field.

Same thing happened to me just yesterday.
I installed it to try and everything went fine, so i decided to uninstall it, after uninstalling it, Windows was throwing lots of disk errors, so i just ran a CHKDSK and everything was back :stuck_out_tongue:
Though, i lost some files, but a few only O0

So we already have CAV which prevents System Restore from working and now we have CTM that is supposed to replace and be better than System Restore but you can no longer use Chkdsk? I think I’ll pass. I have never had a problem that required using System Restore to fix so I can live with it not working, but not being able to use chkdsk any more? NO way. What’s next? Windows update gets borked by Comodo and suddenly a new thing appears called Comodo Update that’s supposed to be better? I’m getting more disillusioned with Comodo every day. I’m very close to dumping CIS and going with the combination of the PC Tools Firewall and MSE. The only thing keeping me here is curiosity about what the new version of CIS will bring. If it doesn’t fix the problems I have with the current version, or worse, introduces new ones, I’m gone. I don’t like any of the other Comodo products. They’re all far too aggressive and intrusive.

I had simular issue. Had to hold down the return key till all the sector warnings had gone. Then found out that my D: Recovery Drive partition was missing.

Thankfully, at advice from others ran “TestDisk” Partition Recovery and File Undelete which scanned the harddrive for missing partitions and then highlighted the right one and the selected “Write” to write the structure to disk and then restarted. BINGO the drive letter and it’s contents were there back intact.

Hope this information helps resolve your filesystem issues. Do check if any of your partitions have gone missing and use the above to fix it.


Hi guys.
Thanks for your report.
We already started to check the problem.
If it is a bug, we will fix it asap.


Maybe i am wrong about this taking into account what Carfal said. CheckDisk may have “fixed” initially “healthy” CTM snapshot :-\

In my case chkdsk started to fix NTFS after booting Windows 7 AIK live CD. CTM-protected partition was mounted “read-write” while CTM was offline.

You can’t run Chkdsk and you can’t defrag. There is no way I will ever use CTM.

I successfully defragged using Windows Defrag in my Virtual Machine with CTM running. Anyone else can confirm you can’t defrag?

I think i could defrag :smiley: (Can’t remember well)

The bad thing, is that when i uninstalled it, it corrupted my HDD files (Had to run CHKDSK)
After CHKDSK it was fine :stuck_out_tongue:

Guys and Gals, read my post here


Merry Christmas!

I’m lucky then that I have a SSD and I don’t need chkdsk and defrag. ;D

As CTM is known to rely on the same approach of Rollback RX these limitations ought to apply to CTM as well.

Booting From an External Media (OS) – Rollback Rx cannot protect the hard drive when changes are made to the hard drive from an external or foreign (non-Windows) operating system bypassing Windows and/or Rollback Rx protection drivers. For example, booting from a CD-ROM will start a different OS before Rollback Rx is loaded, that could change the hard drive without acknowledging the existence of Rollback Rx snapshots on the hard drive and produce unpredictable results.
Dual Boot of Windows and Linux OS on the Same Hard Drive – Rollback Rx support MULTI windows based OS's. Rollback Rx does NOT support systems that have multiple Windows Operating Systems with non-Windows Operating System (like Linux) loaded on the same hard drive.

Boils down that access to a CTM protected drive should be carried through an OS with CTM installed (CTM aware) though it looks that is planned support for non Windows-OS

In the future, yes. It will start with MAC OS and HP_UX though. However, not very soon. When CTM is integrated with CIS, it will not be seamles integration. You will not be able to use CTM feature i am afraid but you will still be able to use CIS.

The thing is the second operating system can damage the CTM data if CTM is not installed on it.

Booting From an External Media (OS) would require a custom made CD/DVD/USBKEY with a CTM-aware OS (thus common livecd and boot-usbkey should not be used to access a drive protected by CTM since none of them got CTM installed and active)

After uninstalling CTM chkdsk (if launched manually) everytime finds and fixes same problems of filesystem:

Cleaning up minor inconsistencies on the drive.
Cleaning up 2 unused index entries from index $SII of file 0x9.
Cleaning up 2 unused index entries from index $SDH of file 0x9.
Cleaning up 2 unused security descriptors.

How to make it fix these once and for all :-\

is this problem fixed in current vercion or beta?
chkdsk can be used along with CTM?
i wan to know this cuz i dont wan to intall a program that can crash my system if i have no the eyes open at reboot

Yes, it can.

You are right, chkdsk can be used with CTM.