CTM 2.9 beta very slow restoring

I’ve recently installed 2.9 beta, which has solved my Gmail offline BSOD thanks very much, but now I’ve found that when restoring from a snapshot, it is extremely slow - much slower than 2.8.

Has this been noted already, and will this be resolved in a future beta version?

Well Abeber, it seems one issue solved and another issue arised !

How big is your protected paritition/drive ? Did you use CTM to protect your system partition Only ? And approximately how long it took to rollback, more than 20 mins ? How long did 2.8 take to rollback for you ? And finally, how many snapshots have you kept ?

You also should have defragged your system partition before you’d reinstalled CTM ! As I’ve rollbacked many times with 2.9beta, they all took less than 5 mins without any problems. ( I only protect my 30GB system partition with CTM, and prefer to use other form of back-up for non-system partitions )

My system partition is 80GB with only 16GB used.
2.8 used to take about 5 minutes so was really useful to try out new software. But 2.9 takes about 40 minutes at 60MB/min, sometimes rising to 180MB/min and then going back down again.
I have max 10 snapshots and set to optimise regularly.
I’ll try with less snapshots to see if this helps.
I’ll be pleased to try new betas when they are available.
Still great software!

Update - I have done an experiment by uninstalling 2.9, defragging my partition as suggested, and then reinstalling 2.9. Unfortunately the restore times are still very high compared to 2.8 (over 40mins), so the defragging didn’t help I’m afraid.

The v2.9 restoration was very very long… It can take 30 minutes while on v2.8 it took only 3…
Something changed in the snapshot logic but the developers did not say anything about it (or I’ve missed, sorry).

In 2.9, update baseline or uninstall to current system will very very fast in seconds, at the same time the speed of restore is reduced. We will improved the algorithm to accelerate it, please be patient.

Best Regards!


Fingers crossed.

so has Melih and the comodo team decided to continue to develop CTM?

:-TU :-TU
yup they have

thanks awesome!
so are they going to continue with the 2.9 beta? or work on 3?

No idea on that.

ok well thanks for the info. hopefully one of the devs or melih gives us an update on this

super nice :slight_smile: :-TU

Any “official” information about that?

Official… other then flykite’s post… no. ;D >:-D :wink:

I am not very sure.

From heaven

to hell

It is so hard if Melih (or somebody else) could tell us for good if CTM will be resurrected or not? Instead floating around DACS, Valkyrie or whatever night dreams maybe it will be better to focus on a couple of useful products already developed.
My 2 cents.