csu 4.0

When will Comodo System Utilities will come out of beta , Razvan promissed a final release in DECEMBER 2011 , is it still in devellopment or is there something else?? please enlighten us devellopment team!!!

i think development slowed because they are working on CTM

lets ask Razvan.


We will launch next week. We supposed to launch in December, but we had other priorities.

thanks Razvan :-TU

thnx razvan!!! that is certainlky some welcome news ;D :-TU

Promisses…promisses! I knew in advance , it sounded to good to be true! So there will not be a final release of csu this week : its better then to not getting peoples hope up when you can not come through!!! :-TD


LOL, and mods were calling me a troll when I was saying the very same things. Well, surprise surprise, I was right after all.



I Hope that will come out Sion any Release Dates for it

rasvan promissed a release of the final csu last week allready…so once again they came through in fine style and did not do what they promissed! My educated guess it will be somewhere in the summer! They called terepin a troll because of his ( in comodo’s eyes that is ) harsh comments , but all along he whas telling the truth! Some people are reluctant to handle the truth and want to force a ban of silence down our throats! But that is not the way it ought to be comodo! In order to be hounest to your fans , you first of all be hounest to yourselfs!!! I asked this question about the final release of csu on the round the clock page in december 2011 on facebook ! And guess what ? Zilch for an answer! Don’t you guys even care or are you just falling asleep over there? So ban me from this page if you wish , because i do not care any less , then you do about your followers! Shame on you comodo!!!

                                          How right you where all along teripin! They keep getting our hopes with nothing! Seems to me comodo is getting a kick out of agrivated and annoyed followers! And still i did not get a warning of one of the mods :p come on folks : wake up and smell the coffee!!!!!

Do you want a mods warning? I give it for free if you want one… :wink:

Plannings and roadmaps are just expectations; they are not promises.

I was wondering what your intention was too :slight_smile:

If it is to make sure no Staff issue any estimates every again you are doing a very good job.

Please try to understand that any Staff announcements about release dates are only estimates.

Thank you


Mr. Razvan said explicitly: “We will launch next week. We supposed to launch in December, but we had other priorities.”. Not “we are planning to launch”.
That was 16 days ago.
It would be nice that someone from Comodo said: “Sorry, guys! We have some problems and we are working hard to fix them. We will keep you informed about release date/We expect to release it in next two weeks.”

That is all we ask for.
Some goes for egemen and his announcement of CIS 5.10.


That’s why the folks of Opera say it will come When Its Ready: WIR.

Yeah…but do they also say: “We will launch next week.” and then leave users with no new version and no explanation…?

avast announced that it will release v7 today the 23 and it will

Thats totally true loveboy lion : no lame excuses from avast side , like here , what the mods claim to be roadmaps , searching a poor excuse to cover up false promisses! I will repeat myself once again : do not give people false hope when you cannot deliver! Maybe it is time for us all to switch to avast: when they make a promiss , the’ll keep their word! Make an example of that comodo! Maybe you guys need a roadmap to find your way to the final version of csu! :slight_smile: