"Create Rules For Safe Applications" not workin!?

Hey, like the topic says the option “Create rules for safe applications” do not seem to work very well, here is why

and thats not the only one if someone would comment its a “new file” the other day I was asked about the HP update jada jada…witch is old.


Could you pls give us more details about the problem ?

Thank you

Are you kidding me? why should I be asked to Allow digital signed apps when I have this open checked???

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Could you pls fill in a bug report for us to reproduce your problem ? Comodo Forum

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Could you apply for another job because you really such at this!

I could install a new application from lets say, Microsoft. All that would accomplish is that I would get yet another POP-UP like the one I ALREADY SHOWN YOU!!! even due signed apps should be consider Safe and I have the option “Create Rules For Safe Applications” CHECKED!

I am sorry but if you choose Custom Ruleset, this setting servers no useful purpose.

It’s purpose is for when you use the setting Safe Mode, it allows you to have rules saved for each application and alter them if wish.

Without the box ticked no rules are saved in Safe Mode or Training Mode, thereby reducing the amount of rules that need to be checked.

Custom Ruleset means you will have a alert for each and every application, and depending what you set the Alert Frequency Level you may have more than one alert.


Thank you Dennis! that clears things up! would not hurt that the user is informed of this? or I’m I the only stupid one… :-X

It’s a bit like Defence+ if you choose Paranoid Mode it ignores certain boxes ticked or not.

The help pages are a extensive but quite long link below.


Edit From this page: Firewall Settings, PC Firewall, Firewall Protection | Internet Security

Custom Ruleset Mode: The firewall applies ONLY the custom security configurations and network traffic rules specified by the user. New users may want to think of this as the ‘Do Not Learn’ setting because the firewall does not attempt to learn the behavior of any applications. Nor does it automatically create network traffic rules for those applications. You will receive alerts every time there is a connection attempt by an application - even for applications on the Comodo Safe list (unless, of course, you have specified rules and policies that instruct the firewall to trust the application’s connection attempt).

If any application tries to make a connection to the outside, the firewall audits all the loaded components and checks each against the list of components already allowed or blocked. If a component is found to be blocked, the entire application is denied Internet access and an alert is generated. This setting is advised for experienced firewall users that wish to maximize the visibility and control over traffic in and out of their computer.

Yeah, I know you guys have a nice Wiki and what not. But the name “Create Rules for Safe Applications” means to me just that! so I did not bother looking it up.

I see what you mean about the name :slight_smile:

It is rather a long read, after using CIS for so long you forget about how things look to others.

Please note the Staff member is not a dev. and has been given the task of trying to help members and to form a contact between us and Comodo.

That’s why a bug report was ask for, as the dev. will only look at those.


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