Crashing when resuming from hibernation


I have a weird issue with this CIS version… It no happen with the Beta version…

Normally when I want to shutdown the PC instead of power off usually I use the Hibernate option.

In the next day when I’m going to start the PC again, sometimes (these is the weird thing, that it no happen always) the Windows try to resume but it cannot and it finally have reboot from the start.

Then, after the re-start everything works well, no problem at all but I have checked the folder CisDumps and I can see a new files:
cavwp.exe.12404.dmp and cavwp.exe(1).12404.dmp with the same time that I have started the PC.

anyone have the same issue? is it a knowledge issue?

If the comodo team need the files, please asked and tell me how send it…

Hello Nilhar,

Thank you for reporting.Could you please share me the dump-files via PM.
Have a nice day!

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This weekend I have update my Windows 10 from 1903 to 1909 Build 18363 and after the upgrade I have update windows up to date 14.04.2020
and after all of this work, sadly the Hibernate issue is no gone. :frowning:

This issue don’t happen with the previous CIS version or the last Beta version but frankly I cannot be sure if the issue is because Windows or CIS or both.

I know that the root seems to be related to the Wifi network and the firewall (when you are connected to a Wifi network and Hibernate) that the issue happen when windows resume the S.O. from the Hibernate state and it fail.

So [at]Dharshu,if you can tell to the developer team if they can check if something has change related when windows is resuming from the hibernate state and this version of CIS… (I guess that you has all my logs now…)


BTW: If someone has the same issue I have a workaround that works in a 99% of times so for the moment I can live with it…

Hello Nilhar,

Could you please accept my request for the G-Drive to access.
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Access granted!
I hope this time works…
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Hello Nilhar,
Yes,I can access now,thank you.We will check that and update you.

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Hello Nilhar,

Thank you for providing the logs.I had checked and forwarded your logs to my CIS dev team for further analysis of the issue.
Have a nice day!

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I agree with you this version is more stable, but have some issues yet.

From time to time I have Cis dumps (just right now I have the last) I the only thing was started the PC.

But the major issue for me is that I cannot use more the HIBERNATE windows option, because a lot of times the boot fail.

am I the only that has this issue with the Hibernate option? or nobody here is using hibernate to shutdown his PC?

I don’t see anyone to complain about it so maybe I am the only guy with this problem… :o

I can try if it occurs on Windows 7 too if you like :slight_smile:
If so, what steps do I have to do?

Ok,it’s a good idea to know if the same issue happen in Windows 7. Steps:

1º Pre-requisite. You need to have almost the same free space in the boot hard-disk as the RAM that you have. That means that if you have 4GB of Ram you need to have 4GB free in your main harddisk (normally “C:”), if no you can not do it and you cannot use any other harddisk or usb memory for it.

2º Open the CMD and Run as Administrator.

3º At the command prompt, type powercfg.exe /hibernate on, and then press Enter.

4º After a few seconds you can type again and then type the follow command: shutdown /h and wait that the windows shutdown.

5º When you PC has been turned off, turn on it again, and you need to see the message Resuming Windows and if everything goes well you will have the same windows and programs that opened that before.

6º In case that it fail (because the issue) you can have a reboot or even a BSOD.

The issue don’t happen always, it is totally random, sometimes the resume works, some times no…

If you want do this test, my advise is that you can work with your PC as usual and when you want turn off the PC you can left open any browser and then hibernate it (you can hibernate using the normal windows shutdown button too.)

So, the test is easy but it need to be repeated many times (normally some days) to see if this issue happen to you.

Important: the PC need to be connected to internet by cable or Wifi to do this test correctly because the issue maybe is related to firewall and the network.

I have more free space on “C:” then the amount of RAM that is installed. For doing the test I could shrink the amount of free space on “C:” by copying a large file to it so that the amount of free space is about the same as the amount of RAM.
However, to be honest, I don’t have a clue why this is or should be related to the issue.
Why do you think that the amount of free space on “C:” and the amount of RAM is important or essential for the issue to happen?

Nevertheless, I will first try to hybernate many times using the free space on “C:” as is (not shrinking yet) while using my PC as usual.
I will use the Sleep function from the “Start->Shut down” menu to hybernate (allow hybrid sleep is on in “Advanced Power Options” for Sleep mode)

For my understanding, did the issue only happen with the latest CIS version? (Did it not happen with 6882?)

For hyperfil.sys.

Yes, I was thinking in that direction.

However, and I don’t now if this is true for Window 10, on Windows 7 there is already a “hiberfil.sys” file in the root of “C:” and its size is around the amount of RAM I have. So the disk space for “hiberfil.sys” on “C:” is already reserved and doesn’t have to be allocated when hybernating (it doesn’t get deleted when coming out of hybernation).
So at least in my case I think it doesn’t make sense to shrink the free space on “C:” to be around the size of RAM for triggering the issue.
Furthermore, would the issue ever happen with a fixed “hiberfil.sys” in the root of “C:”?

Let’s to clarify some doubts here:

1º This space is for “hiberfil.sys”.
2º On windows 7 or Windows 10, the system never reserve space for the “hiberfil.sys” file, the space is used when you activate the hibernate option and the system create the “hiberfil.sys”.
3º In my case I have 32GB of RAM, so my “hiberfil.sys” can be up to 32GB Size but in Windows 10 the hiberfil.sys is compressed automatically by Windows, so the size can be the half of your memory. I think that the compression don’t happen with Windows 7 (i don’t sure about it).
4º Sleep option and hibernate option is no the same and no works in the same way. I my case I never use the Sleep option (but I going to test it too…)
5º until now always I have shutdown my PC with Hibernate option and all CIS version (more of 10 years) even the CIS 6882 version and I don’t remember the hibernate option fail (maybe 2 or 3 time in 10 years)…

6º Then, I have update to the latest windows update (Aprils update) and update to CIS v12.2.2.7036 and these strange issue start to happen, mostly randomly so my suspect is in the new version of CIS…

7º But no body here said anything about this, so I cannot be sure if really it is a CIS bug or not… Maybe no body here use the hibernate option, I don’t know… 88)

8º Now I’m trying to find out where is the root of this issue, so any help is always welcome… :-TU

On Windows 7 the “hiberfil.sys” file is already present after booting Windows and log-on, its space is already reserved/allocated.
It isn’t created when going into Hibernate mode (I think that would take too much time.)
See attached screenshot.

You are right, Sleep mode with hybrid mode on is not exactly the same as hibernate mode.
In “Advanced Power Options” I have set “Allow hybrid sleep for Sleep mode” to OFF. Now I have Hibernate mode next to Sleep mode in “Start->Shut down” menu.
See attached screenshot.

That’s why we are here for :slight_smile:

Anyhow, i will check if Hibernate (“Start->Shut down->Hibernate”) will cause the issue on my PC (while using my PC as usual).

That 's is the idea… Thank you! :-TU

But you normally you shutdown your PC with Hibernate option? And you PC are connected to a network cable or Wifi?

Exactly so.

Split all posts regarding this issue into its own topic.

no problem on Win8.1 with hibernation or fast start