Crashing when resuming from hibernation

Closing the circle:

  • Seems that this issue only happen with Windows 10 and the last Windows Patches from (April) and this CIS Version.

  • I am testing a work around and I have got 4 resumes until now without fail… Crossing fingers… :slight_smile:

Also on Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit no problem with either “Hibernate” mode or “Sleep with Allow hybrid sleep on” mode.
Tested it only a number of times so it is not very representative but it works till now.

Well, after a lot of weeks doing test with CIS the last version 7037 and 6882 and I have found the root of the Hibernate issue (“BSOD resuming from hibernate with code 0xC0000411”) and the good news is that is not a CIS bug. :slight_smile:

Root issue: The last Windows 10 update 1909 and the last patches did an incompatible issue with the SSD driver (Raid Driver in my case) that make the fail.

Possible solution: The normal way is update the SSD driver or (Raid Driver in my case, but bad luck, there isn’t any update since year 2016).

Workaround: Disable the Windows Fast Start Option. It is no the ideal, but at last the Hibernate with CIS works, no crash until now.

Thank you everyone that collaborate to help…