CPU overheating [Resolved]

Greetings all young and old, womens and mans!

I got this question about my CPU fan due to my system shutting down because of overheating. I got a AMD Athlon XP 2400+(2.0Ghz, overclocked to 2.10Ghz) and my CPU fan shows it’s going for 2.9k-3k RTM’s, and still it’s about 50-60°C/122-140°F, but my chassis/system fan shows 1.9k-2k RTM’s, and system temp is around 30°C/86°F, so my questions is, how come my CPU’s overheated when its fan is doing about 1k RTM’s more? Is it because I’ve overclocked it(I doubt, since it’s only 100 Mhz more)? And yes, I’ve checked, and it’s fastened as it should be.


That could have many causes.

Lets start with a few simple options:

  • is everything free of dust?
  • is the heat flowing out of the case somewhere? In case of bad circulation the CPU cooler could be “sucking in” hot air it just moved away from the CPU itself.

Yes, I clean my computer about once a month from dust, and the air is blowing out from the back of the computer chassis. Also, does computers always shutdown by overheat? Because I can control thru BIOS at what temperature it will shutdown itself, but I’ve disabled it. And I know it’s somehow related to overheating, as I can’t start my computer without turning it off completely, and then turn it on after few minutes if it gets overheated.


i’d add a new fan if it was me or possibly replace all of em

Or install an air conditioner (:TNG)


It might also be due to your PSU squeaking under load.

You mean the mouse.

I’m actually thinking of buying a new so I can overclock my CPU to 2.5Ghz, since I can’t afford a new CPU at the moment. (:SHY)
And possible a new chassis fan.

Yes it might be, would it help if I increase/decrease the volt.
And well, it was running on 2.25 when it crashed, and before I got it down to 2.10 it made some strange sounds, looks like the electricity had some fun in my computer.

What mouse? I think PSU meant ‘Power Supply Unit’ and is that little thing in computer saying 300W (:SHY)
And second, how is the mouse related with overheating? ???


No, you’re right. I was joking. Mouse tend to squeak (:TNG)

When does the CPU overheat? Only when it is working hard or also under normal conditions?

It usually get overheated when I play a MMORPG, so I keep AV and firewall on. CPU usage is always at 100% and RAM +page file usage at around 800-850MB.

Did you apple the CPU thermal compound\paste correctly (not too much and not too little)? And how is hot air removed from the case? Only through the PSU or do you have an additional fan for that?

My CPU thermal compound/paste is applied as it should. And I only got one fan for whole chassis that blows out hot air, and one for CPU. Also one on my graphic card, but it should make too big difference for overall temperature.


Take a good look at the capacitors (those 2 or 3 cylinder tubes) around the processor socket.
A good capacitor should have a flat head, and straight side body; that makes it’s figure a perfect tube like.

If somehow you’ve notice it has deformed from it’s perfect figure; usually it become bloated (like it’s about to ■■■■!) - so the tip of it’s head or side body aren’t straight anymore; then you need to replace those with a new one.

Bloated capacitors commonly found at overheated motherboards.
Thus it shuts the system’s down.

Nope they look like when I bought my computer, and not like the going to ■■■■.
I’ll reset my CPU to it’s original speed(2.0Ghz) and turn if off for about one hour or so before I restart it. Then I let it be on for a while, reboot and see what temperature it shows in BIOS. I’m not expert in overclocking, but I doubt it would go about twice the temperature it should be because I speed the CPU up 12.5%.


It looks like a case (haha) of insufficient cooling to me. Could the fan and PSU be sucking in air through holes at the back or on the left side of the case?

it’s sucking in air from sides, and blowing it out from the back.
CPU temperature’s down at 50 degrees celsius now after about 15 minutes use+reboot.
CPU still shows 100% in task manager, and when I check BOC424.exe shows around 90-98% of CPU usage.


Try closing the holes at the side. Very often (depending on the case) the air goes straight to the fan at the back from there, almost bypassing the CPU. It would probably be better if all cold air would have to come from the front of the case. That way the CPU cooler is “centred” in the airflow.

Just a question.
Could BIOS be wrong about temperature?
Or like it shutdown because the computer thinks it’s 60 degrees celsius, when it’s not more than around 40. Any good way you could tell the temperature of your CPU?
Because when I open up my computer, right after it’s shutdown and I hold my hand near the CPU it doesn’t feel like it’s warmer around it than it should be(and I should feel a difference between 40 and 60 degrees). Also, what’s the ‘normal’ temperature for a CPU?


I am not an expert on hardware (would anyone else like to jump in to answer this one?), but that seems unlikely. In that case something would have to be wrong with either the bios or the hardware.

Try this, Nextsensor,

Normal temperature depends on the type of CPU. My old P4 would be about 45-50 degrees (almost idle!), while my current processor is at 44 degrees at the moment after running several hours.
But then it doesn’t have a fan attached to it. ;D