CPU overheating [Resolved]

Allright, I ran NextSensor and according to it’s alarm function it says 45 degrees is normal.
Also it gives me:
CPU: 66-68 degrees (this really worries me, as it’ll soon melt itself)
NORTHBRIDGE: 33-34 degrees(about normal)
CPU FAN: 3,000-3,200 RTM
SYS FAN: 2,100-2,200 RTM

Temp for both HDD’s are at 37-40

And here’s analog volt input/v:
VCOREA: 1.680 +12V: 12.460
VCOREB: 0.000 -12V: -1.600
VDIMM: 0.000 +5V: 4.650
VAGP: 0.000 -5V: 0.684
VBAT: 3.120 3VCC: 1.472
SVSB: 4.848 3VSB: 0.000

None of them are changed.


Wow! That’s HOT!

Degrees Celsius or Fahrenheit? :stuck_out_tongue:

Celsius, we’re not american idiots ;D
Ah well, I think I found the problem. I don’t know the name of it in English, but here we call it ‘Kylfläns’, and appeared that it wasn’t fastened to the CPU, so I’ll put it back and see if it helps. Also, my friend told me that his computer is between 50-60 degrees celsius(for Soya ;D) after a few minutes of use, and it’s working fine, so I guess that could be normal?


EDIT: I put the ‘kylfäns’ back, and so far it stays around 50-55 when I run a game for about 10-15 minutes, which I guess is ok, according to my friend. And he also says it’s ok as long as it doesn’t go over 70(like it almost did yesterday), so I guess I’m fine now, thanks everyone that helped me ;D
Moderators may close this as [Resolved], I’ll PM one of you with link to this topic if I need it opened ;D

Nah…I’m going to let this one go opened. That is, unless you want to close it. I’m surprised that so many members don’t realize they have the ability to close their own thread:

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Ah, I see that now, never looked that far down on the page ;D
Now, as ordered, I close this thread in the name of Ragwing.
This thread shall not be opened if I don’t need further help.
Once again, thanks everyone for your help.