CPF Wishlist rev 1

I thought its best to create a new topic that allows us all to register our requirements and wishes for CPF. Please feel free to add all your wishes about how you would like to see CPF improve and what additional features you would like to see etc.

I have put a rev 1 on this, as I expect us to keep adding these wishes into our product, it will be easier to work with newer versions of the wishlist.



An option where we are allow to disable the automatic updates for both the Comodo Launch Pad and the firewall. I really perfer updating my programs manuelly. :slight_smile:

Hi System,

I believe the next update for Comodo - on Tuesday - will have this option.

I was wondering does CPF have an intrusion detection system cause I think this may be good.


  1. Don’t load it down with everything under the sink, like Outpost, Symantac and zonealarm. All had great products till they started adding on worthless bloated features.

  2. Ability to backup any customized settings such as rules, and other various config settings.

  3. Add-in modules that don’t take memory if not used. If you want to add anti-spyware, have an add-in that doesn’t take up memory or cpu cycles if it not loaded. That way if I don’t want to use your anti-spyware/ad-blocking, etc module, I don’t have to suffer with bloated memory usaged and cpu usage for products I don’t want or need.

I can’t stress not adding every blessed anti-xyz option to the product. Just let it be a great firewall! :wink:

I was using the Sygate Personal Firewall for long time but there is no more support of this product so I decided to this one.

There was a nice feature at the Sygate Personal Firewall, it shows the actual traffic in a diagramm. This is very usefull to see what traffic it is at the moment. Maybe it’s possible to ad such a diagramm.

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My only wish is to be able to use the fire wall on both our desktops, without having to Log out each time. My dear hubby sometimes forgets to log me off before he signs in… Then he is unprotected as he surfs around the net. I know it warns him, but he does sometimes just ignore the warnings…


I would like to see Comodo Personal Firewall have like a feature for people who do online gaming. That way it shows all the IP’s of people who are connected with the user and possibly block them if there is a problem!

LOGS Interface Tweak:

Interface fix. Not possible to resize the Details window while in LOGS. The details window is very small. It would be great if I could double click on a log entry and have it open up in a “pop-up” box, as entries do in Windows log entries.

Or have the ability to resize the details window. Also, ability to copy from the log without having to export to html or other type of formats.

It has that ability now, Click on ACTIVITY and CONNECTIONS. There are all the active connections by IP address to your PC. clicking on “close” will terminate the connection


Upon install automatically disable Windows Firewall.

An option on the advanced settings to check the programs that have similar function with i-Valt (with the possibility to be activated or deactivated depending on the users needs) . Hackers can use such applications for getting the information from the browsers and sending it through the same browsers at untrusted sites. From my point of view it seems very risky that the Comodo firewall don’t include such feature. With this option Comodo Personal Firewall should also pass the “WALL BREAKER” leaktest and would make it a 100% antileak firewall (at least for the moment). ;D

Interesting. CPF only passes 1 out of 4 WallBreaker Tests (firewallleaktester.com - This website is for sale! - firewallleaktester Resources and Information.).

It passes 4 of them. It should warn you with a Parent Change message with new parent svchost.exe.

I also found that Comodo did not pass all WallBreaker tests.

Not here…

You may have defined a rule for your browser wth svchost.exe as a parent.

Hi AJohn & efjay , I just tried wallbreaker and passed all 4 tests. tim

timcan, did you change any of the default settings? Any custom rules setup?

I had contacted the development the support of CPF on 04:29 04 May and they responded me after only 5 hours (impressive support) that it passes the WALLBREAKER leaktest.And they are right (after a small update they have released) it blocks it. Just make sure to delete
MSCTF.dll from the “Component Monitor”. This is the dll that gives access on such applications to browsers. :wink:

ps. I am pretty impressed by the support team. They replied after only 5 hours and they released an update in less than 12 hours. :o .I love them :-*