CPF Wishlist rev 1

Hi , no to both. The parent path is C/ windows/explorer.exe if that helps. tim

Delete MSCTF.dll from the “Component Monitor” and press apply. After that it will warn you.

Hi pandlouk, I didn’t delete anything. Where did you get this info? thanks tim

If you open a new page on browser and type an adress you will have a popup. Press show libraries and you will see that this is the MSCTF.dll. Even if you press allow (on the main popup window not the one show libraries) it will pop-up again at a new page and so on. The problem resides on the operating system and not on the firewalls.

Maybe I don’t understand. I didn’t get pop up .

You have to open a new page on the browser for succeding (at least on Internet explorer). Maybe you use firefox or another browser?

Ive just reinstalled the firewall and it still fails all tests but the 2nd. The component monitor page is blank. Did you change IE from the default “allow” to “ask”?

I think that I found the problem. just give me 10 minutes for further testing

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Hi pandlouk, as you can see I still have msctf.dll ,and passed ok.

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The same configuration here. Please try to make another wallbreaker leaktest. The one I made 15 minutes ago has failed. Also see if you can see as allowed the MSCTF.dll on the component monitor

Ok. I think it is a bug.
1.After failed wallbreaker tests I deleted all the dlls from component monitor and rebooted. It failed again.
2.Deleted also all the settings in application monitor and rebooted. And the test failed.
3.I have rebooted again and tried the test. The test succeded
4.Activated the msctf.dll after reading the last post of timcan, saved and made a new test.And guess what? The test failed again.
Personally I don’t understand why it happens.I think that a new update is necessary

I already have to be sure, and passed. 8)

How do you connect? Are you behind a router or have a direct connection?

Hi , I connect through router but that has nothing to do with outbound connect as far as this test is concerned.

Same here and you are right it was a stupid question. Do you use any ip blocker (peerguardian, protowall etc.) during the test? If yes check if it blocks the ip adress of the link firewallleaktester.com - This website is for sale! - firewallleaktester Resources and Information.
This is where you are directed when the leaktest fails

No ,only router,cpf , and cav. tim

Which services are activated on your connection? [Internet protocol (TCP/IP),QoS Packet Scheduler,etc.

The leaktest fails only if I ban MSCTF.dll as being a library for svchost. I think it should show that WallBreaker is starting this chain reaction. Right now it only shows svchost. Also, when I launch a link from my e-mail client, it uses MSCTF.dll, so I don’t think this should have to be blocked.

An option to reset all Comodo Firewall settings back to install default would be good.

Edit: including clearing the component and application monitor lists which have to be cleared manually now.