CPF may have some Competition


Ashampoo software has released a program called “Ashampoo Firewall” and it will be available free of charge. What do you guys think?

P.S. There will be a pro version that will cost $$$


And there is also Jettico Personal Firewall V 2 which sounds promising. Fair competition, user choice, feature set, and the like can be a good thing.

Actually from what I’ve heard, Jetico has plans to start charging money for their firewall.

Look to me to be some people leaning from Comodo…
No claims on being Leak Proof though and newer
so they’ll be bugs to work out (granted a gimmie even for existing software
but in the earliest stages those bugs can prove fatal out here)
and the fact they plan on charging for “Pro” versions is a big downer…

I’ll stick with Comodo ! :o)


As am I lol, good choice! :smiley:

I will use A shampoo to wash my hair, not for a firewall. I never used their stuff before and I hate to say this, it is their right but they seem to be copying someone… ::slight_smile:



I agree, if you look at the screenshot it looks similar to CPF. Stick with the original and best - CPF!


Glad I’m not the only one who noticed that, I thought it was just me…

Hmm…I dont see the resemblance with CPF at all ???
Anyway I did download it and did a quick out of the box test.

It is very simple and it failed to block outgoing connections. It doesnt show anything in the logs or statistic.
It doesnt stealth more than three ports, the rest is reported as closed.
It is very difficutl to find anywhere to control what ports should be open. Atleast I didnt find any place to do that.
There is alot work left to be done on Ashampoo imo. Comodo has nothing to worry about :smiley:

Thanks for reporting your results with this firewall, if what you say is true, by the time Ashampoo is as good as the current 2.3 beta CPF, CPF will already be much better and more advanced ;D

I see the confusion, I don’t mean looks resemblance, I mean the way they are portraying the whole deal. They seem to be taking a Comodo approach to it. :wink:



Except for the fact that they will be offering a paid version of the firewall. :wink:

Yes, unlike Comodo they want the cash for a “PRO” ?? version is it? Although they speak as if so concerned for people’s security that “oh. this is free” “that is free” but then comes the hook. Bite the free version then pay for a good one. Sounds like ZA with a fake but similar Comodo approach. They can keep it, I think it’s going to be horrible anyway.

Justin, sick the bunny on em’!



I tried this firwall and it couldn’t even pass the GRC or SOS scans, so no shampoo for me!! (:LGH)

Go Scomodo™ Sick em!

5 minutes later

Good boy (:CLP).

This is his evil twin, Odomocs! Watch out Scomodo!



Good always wins over evil ;D. Scomodo™ may be shy, but he won’t be beaten. :slight_smile:

Another proof of this : Look at the feature list of Outpost 4: They all try to implement what CPF has since 2.0 :wink:

lol. I think Comodo’s got them scared. :wink: :smiley:

If they want to create a competitive firewall against CPF,

1- They must first catch ZA Pro
2- They must provide such an advanced firewall for free(no pro or crippled versions)

Otherwise, we already have lots of competitors doing the same things.

But from the users’ point of view, this is quite good. If someone creates a better firewall, we will always try to be better than that :slight_smile: