CPF beta v3 RAM usage...

so far its under 10Meg… no promises about keeping it under 10 meg (we are working on it…)… but it looks promising…
yep… its much more powerful and hopefully will use less memory… cool ha :slight_smile:


You know that’s really not fair… (:TNG)

I read that I had email to a new topic mentioning V3, so I got all excited thinking YEA, it’s finally been released, only to find you talking about the ram useage…

But ram useage doesn’t really worry me too much as I never seem to use up all of my 2GB (:LGH)

Sorry about that :slight_smile:

I think we are good for the 14th release date though… (crosses his fingers)


Functionality and stability should be the primary concern of CPF V3.

Memory usage is another important issue in software design, not everyone have a fair amount of RAM installed. Many “Vista ready” machines on the market have only 512M RAM. From my experience using Vista, Vista eats up to 700M RAM with Aero interface enabled at boot time.

Don’t blame to the engineers developing V3 for the delay, Vista is a monster meaner than you thought when dealing with its core structure.

All you have to do is to appreciate Microsoft’s efforts to make Vista more “secure” and more repellent to third party security suites.

Less than 10MB…that would be a big and welcome improvement.

Even if it turns out to be less than 20 in the final product I’d be happy. :BNC

Melih, what are the main improvements (other than Vista compatability) with v3? Forgive me if thesae have been listed elsewhere, maybe you could print the link…i’m a lazy so and so :wink:

That’s quite an achievement! (R) Many V3 users will benefit from that, unaware ones too. :Beer

BTW This busted my upgrade scapegoat :’( I’ll have to find a new one ;D


Its a huge, HUGE improvement… I will wait for the guys to announce it on 14th… don’t want to preempt it at this stage… :slight_smile:


Sounds really GREAT!

Keep up the good work!


I’vw got an old PC and 10MB usage is GREAAAAAAAAT

Sure hope so… my old notebook has only 320MB RAM! by the way, Does PIII 500 MHz has enough power to drive CPF3?

I got p3-600 with 312 ram, so hopefully it will run without any slow downs or anything.

fingers crossed… it should be…


(:CLP) What a Good News!!also hope can solves the CPU 100% usage issue (CWY)

Sounds good! Now if you can also lower the memory usage of other COMODO applications… :wink: All in all, i’m useing a lot of Comodo application and have two big memory modules but i must think about my friends who are useing a 400MHz CPU with 128MB SDRAM (:WIN) Keep up the good job, guys, the community really appreciate it!

worry not… i have played with our cavs 3 pre alpha version and it was 8 meg buts its pre alpha and had the main engine (that should catch closer to 90% without BOClean and if you have BOClean with it… you are pretty much good to go…) without the frills… so i expect it to grow in size but not that much… :slight_smile: And yes, CAVS 3 will increase the detection and won’t stop around 90%…the aim is to be the Fastest AV that Catches the most! Keep helping us and we will get you that!!!


This is all great to hear! :smiley:

As I have CPF 2.4, CAVS 2.0 and BOClean 4.23 - is there anything specific I can do for Comodo; like feedback in those forum threads, or anything else?


that’s exactly what I was thinking…don’t know if the ram usage matters that much actually, as long as it does not exceed 20 or 30 megs. What really matters is the disappearance ONCE FOR ALL of that 100 % CPU load that affected all previous versions of this firewall. Hundreds of us stopped using this otherwise very good firewall under Win XP because of that CPU load (for which we never really got an explanation by the way). Please do us a favor this time, don’t let it happen again, not even once.Thanks.
Again, as for the RAM parameter, taking into account extremely low-end systems forever can’t be a priority. That would sound so counterproductive. OK for a low RAM usage, as long as it does not cripple the software functionalities and frustrate people running fast machines by limiting the use of hardware and software potentiality that these machines provide.

I’m not a programmer, but I hardly think there is there a correlation between RAM usage and the way software runs on fast machines. CAVS now uses over 70MB RAM, which is a awful lot. Period. However, it definitely is not the fastest, smoothest running AV out there. Not on any machine.

In my opinion every program should be made as light as possible (CPU\RAM), even if everyone would have a 4GHz CPU and 8GHZ of RAM. :smiley:

Apart from that, if the programmers can do it, why should the owners of more basic PCs be ignored?

Sorry, but another AV are fast and powerfull and no need a lot of resouces. If you make an AV only foe fast machines you never will be the number 1 and i think COMODO expect to be the best.
You are condemn people who have no fast machines. I am frustrastred with those replays.
Usually people who have a great machine no need a free AV or FW because have enough money to purchase them.
Then if i have no money and i need free products i can’t install it because,oh!! i’ve no money and i can’t buy a new PC.
If you have money yo’ll have the best PC’s and the best paid and free products. If you have no money, you’ll have nothing.

Sorry my bad english and my bad explanation.