CPF beta v3 RAM usage...

Thanks – your English is fine and I think that your point is excellent!

Anxious to look at it… :wink:

it is a great improvement! (:CLP)

Good for my 512M laptop. I think there are quite a lot CPF users are also using 512M laptops…

Hmmm - when I heard all those extra-features compared to 2.4 I thought I’ll keep 2.4 because the new version would be a RAM-Killer.

But it seems that I must try out the new version to check your statement, Melih ^^



Who care RAM !

I need FD and RD.

Hi there.

As a Computer System Engineer and IT Manager for my company I must say that Computer resource handling is very very important.

Also the “no so tech savvy” users may benefit a LOT with an app that handles the resources in the most efficient way.

My current laptop has 1 GB of ram and even that I had enough ram It’s very useful to have apps (specially the real-time ones like firewalls, AV, search engines) that uses little resources.

I came from Zone Alarm, which was a great firewall until they started to eat more and more computer resources (CPU, HD and RAM) so I discovered Comodo Firewall and give it a try…

Now I’m a happy user of Comodo Firewall and really noticed a vast improvement since 2.0 to 2.4.

Nowdays only few software developers really care about optimizing the use of computer resources, the rest of the developers just make their apps computer-resource-eaters.

One clear example is (Sorry symantec) Norton Antivirus… since version 2004 I noticed how each new version ate more resources until I used NAV 2006 on my good old laptop Dell Inspiron 8200 (512 MB RAM, P4-M 1.6 GHZ)… on that good old machine seemed like my laptop was just working for NAV 2006 !!!

SO then I changed to (now sorry comodo) what is for me the best AV solution out there (even free ones): NOD32.

Right now I can say NOD32 is the AV with the smallest footprint and system impact and with the MOST advanced heuristics, detection rate and functionality.

I’ve not tried CAVS but for what I’ve being reading, Comodo has the purpose of making it a clear rival of NOD32 which for me sounds good and If the same history of Comodo Firewall repeats with CAVS and any other Comodo app then NOD32 will have hard times against CAVS.

Comodo. as always I’m with you and willing to help.

Hector Barajas (aka ektorbarajas)

You are spot on Hector!


Well, let’s just hope that Comodo won’t be on top of that list :wink:

Bogging down windows start up is a major turn off for users. Looking forward to V3 :THNK

Hi there weaker.

very nice the web page you posted, I’ve never heard of that website but now it’s on my bookmarks.

Melih. Keep on the right work you and your team do @ Comodo HQ. all of Comodo users are with you guys/gals.

And as weaker and noobster said. Let’s hope Comodo apps keep on improving and not appear on that list.

best regards

Hector Barajas (aka ektorbarajas)