Constant crashes of Firefox after Vengine upgrade

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I decided to create a separate thread

Jim__ reported crashes of Fox 3.5.2 in;msg316822#new

At the time I was replying to his post there were no problems here, but now I can confirm that the latest Vengine upgrade IS troublesome

Jim__, are you getting these ?

In many cases Fox fires up the message that Tabs & all cannot be recovered.

2 times I even had a complete inability to connect to anything after the crash, which could be solved just by rebooting the system

The details are saved.

Vengine is currently disabled and so far so good

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Yep, same problem here.
I installed the latest Verification Engine and wham, Firefox is constantly crashing. Finally decided to unistall VE and not one Firefox crash since.
I think a little more work is required with the latest update. :frowning:

Thanks for confirmation, Sunnygjg.

Interestingly enough I did disable the add-on it in IE8 and disabled it from starting up with the system… but just in case left it in Firefox (not pressing disable).

The crashes were not as frequent as before but that’s still happening.

After disabling add-on in Firefox those crashes stopped… but it is probably better to uninstall it completely.

I will leave it like that for a several hours just for testing and then will wipe it out.


Yes, I am seeing that type of crash but not as bad as you are as I can successfully restart and restore the previously open tabs. I have left Verification Engine installed but disabled the add-on if Firefox. No crashes since.

Looking at the crash reports I found two where the Vengine thread is the one that actual crashed.

Firefox 3.5.2 Crash Report [@VEngine.dll@0x130c0 ]
ID: 50ecc51c-af56-4617-b96a-4ccbc2090806
Signature: VEngine.dll@0x130c0

Firefox 3.5.2 Crash Report [@VEngine.dll@0x13092 ]
ID: 4caa6691-d855-4f1f-a227-f82e82090806
Signature: VEngine.dll@0x13092

Having the same issues here as well. Once I disable the FF add-on the crashes stop.

Thanks for reply , Jim__.

I had only 2 of those “as bad” :slight_smile: ones out of maybe ~20-25 every ~10 min before disabling Vengine everywhere.

Now it’s quiet.

I hope developers will respond soon


I’m not getting the Firefox crashes that everyone describes here, but I have noticed odd Firefox behavior since installing this latest VEngine update. When clicking on a link within a tab, the link said that it was done, but was totally blank. Then when I tried to go back to the previous non-blank link, it was blank also. This happened in 2 different tabs. I closed Firefox and restarted it and now everything is working properly again so far. I have never seen Firefox behave this way before, ever, so I attribute this to the VEngine update.

I just experienced the same Firefox crashing that everyone else has been describing.

Hi all,
Constant crashes with Firefox on both my systems, 32 and 64 bit (Window 7 RC… which is oh so good) after updating Vengine. No problem after uninstalling.

Roger 24

I also experienced the constant crashes,
using firefox 3.5.2, had to disable Verification Engine.

After uninstalling ver. engine Firefox working AOK. I guess we have to wait a few weeks until the problem corrected with another update. I guess this is never tested before put out? Thanks.

Hello all comodo members:

I was going to start a post on Firefox crashes with Vengine, but after reading here, I thought I would put in my 2 cents worth here.
I’m on Windows XP home Service Pack 3, Firefox 3.5.2 with Vengine Firefox crashes have been so numerous that I could not use Firefox at all. Started using Maxthon 2.5.3. Then I discovered that Vengine was causing the problem. Disapbled Vengine and all is well now. I don’t know if the Firefox error report will help in analyzing the problem but I am attaching it just in case.
I have also had crashes with IE8 and Vengine, but not as frequently. When I disabled Vengine in IE8, no more crashes. I do not know how to view any error logs in IE 8 in regards to this problem, so I cannot send a screenshot.

Hope this helps.


[attachment deleted by admin]

Also crashing FF 3.5.2 when enabled but disabled is stable.

Ah well it looks like I’m not the only one having problems with the latest update. I experienced quite a few crashes with firefox so I switched to IE8 and also experienced several crashes. So I uninstalled Verification Engine and since then I haven’t had any problems with either browser.

Hi all.
Thank you for pointing on the issue and describing the system.
Sorry for the inconvenience. We’ll fix the bug ASAP.

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Thank you for reply, Vadym.
Sure you will


p.s. … but in addition please don’t forget the other thread;msg316822#new
meaning - if you need any additional info regarding “no green borders in IE8” - please tell me what you think is required to be send to you in order to solve that as well.
There will be no problem if Fox/IE crashing and what I am mentioning here are considered as a separate issues and therefore fixed based on: “crashes have higher priority”

Make verification engine like it worked as 2.5 versions and earlier… The new versions do not work that well on upgraded/updated browsers…

could you please explain what do you mean as ‘do not work’? thanks

Right, I downloaded the latest version ( earlier on and have been using it in conjuction with FF 3.5.2
all day without issue.
For me it works perfectly.
Many thanks Vadym et al. :smiley:

  • in IE8 you can’t see details of the certificate when hovering over the padlock…
  • green border disappears very quickly
  • constant browser errors and crashes

Don’t worry I don’t mean that the green border gives false positives or something… I think they even expanded the white list of validated sites… And it is growing every day as more and more users are using verification engine every day! (:WIN)

DaRtH VaDeR,

  • you would be able to see details of the certificate when hovering over the padlock. The details are as follows: if the certificate is trusted, the green padlock is shown with SSL Provider and “Secured and Authentic” verification status. if the certificate is not trusted, the red padlock is shown as described on the Low Assurance SSL page
  • you can configure how VE should display the green border in the ‘VEAIDA Mode’ section of the Options dialog (right click on the VE’s tray icon and select ‘Options…’ menu item). I think, in your case it disappears very quickly because of mouse moving. try do NOT move the mouse pointer and the green border should not be hidden for the ages :slight_smile:
  • as for browser errors and crashes, it had been fixed in, so if you can reproduce the crashes on the, it would be something new and needed for the details from you and the further investigation from the development side.

I hope it should help you.