Constant crashes of Firefox after Vengine upgrade

Hi andrew,

Yes, it seems after many hours of work with Fox, the crashes were fixed indeed as it was reported in

at that same time if you are talking about IE and green border issue - that still remains a problem for many

Firstly, in previous versions (looooong time ago :slight_smile: ) of Vengine you could get the green border just by hovering over the site logo.

Now it is not the case
1) the green border appears in Fox only when you hover over the padlock, which is quite inconvenient… but still kinda “Ok”

2) and neither padlock no any other hovering in IE8 tha can bring green border to life here.

Examples of the same site we are currently in:
can you show please how the same page looks like in your IE8 currently …
Where is the padlock?
Where is the green border?