Connection problem with CCAV 1.2 Build 236B

It worked fine, but now it just says “Check your internet connection” constantly. Ugh. I know it’s new and all, but you guys really have to prepare for things better.

Nov it just doesn’t connect at all. Seriously, if you think we’ll wait till end of the month for an update with product in such broken state you’re greatly mistaken.

Uninstalled this nonsense. Now it just isn’t connected to cloud at all and to make things worse, it started whining again to make a rating scan even though I’ve made it yesterday.

Rating scan is working now, you can have a try, don’t worry unknown file makes your computer in risk, sandbox is working, unknown files will be sand boxed.

I wouldn’t mind waiting for full Valkyrie if basic cloud was working. Instead, even that seems to constantly disconnect and remain in that state for ages. I know Sandbox will capture unknown files, but then I have to deal with that on legit files…

Just make cloud connection/ratings servers reliable. I can wait for full Valkyrie then.

Oh for god sake, what the hell now!? This ■■■■ comes up and Valkyrie scan stops entirely. And stays stopped forever after that. This is just idiotic. Before it was just disconnecting and reconnecting, but it worked. Now it just craps out entirely. WTF Comodo.

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Try reinstalling CCAV

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This only seem to happen during ratings scan. And if I click Fix it repairs and restarts the system. If Is tart the ratings scan, it craps out again. And again and again every single time I repeat the process.

Hi Sheepolina,

Thanks for the feedback , we will be checking this rating scan issue in detail.

Kind Regards

Thank you very much vitim! :slight_smile:

Hi Sheepolina,

Please make a clean install on your end, your problems would be fixed . Right now we have no problem on cloud server. Let us know the latest status.

Kind Regards,

Why the hell CCAV loses connection to server and fails to re-connect even if I restart the system. I have to specifically use Repair function in CCAV uninstaller, reboot the system and then it reconnects no problem for some time. Why is this happening? Why does Repair reconnect it but it fails to do that by itself even though it used to to it a day ago?

I’ve reinstalled CCAV like 8 times and it was a broken mess every time after some time. You can’t release a program in such horribly broken state for god sake. This isn’t beta test, this is final version. ■■■■. And I don’t care if it’s a server side issue, get things at least half working server side as well, because this now isn’t even 10% working. And I’m talking normal cloud connection, not even Valkyrie…

I’m not touching this nonsense till shit gets fixed. So, end of the month. Maybe…

We would be very grateful if you would make a bug report. There may be something in your system and software environment that is interacting with ccav to cause this, and we’d like to fix it. But we’ll need to know a little more about the problem and your system in order to do so.

Kind regards


On 3 different systems? I don’t think so. App seems to work fine, it’s just this cloud that it keeps getting disconnected from. Even the basic AV cloud…

The problem may be common to those systems, we can only find this out if you and others make a report in standard format.

Kind regards


They all run Windows 10. 2 are 64bit, PC and laptop, one is 32bit tablet.

Hi Sheepolina,
Please keep calm.
This sounds more like a connection issue than a software issue.
Do all three system use the same connection source?


Then why no other software has issues? Not games, not streamed HD TV channel, not browsing and not Youtube at 1080p ?

Can be a DNS issue?, test it with Google/OpenDNS.