Confessions: Embarrassing situations

Anybody wants to continue from previous threads, in this funny topic?!

Here is what I did: coming from Sweden, I visited (year 2000) some relatives in the US (near Washington D.C.), for a wedding. During the evening we had dinner in a place. I had to visit the men’s room, but accidentally entered the ladies’ room! Now, you may think that I left immediately, but I kind of “blacked out” or something… so I stayed in there and “did my thing”. As I shortly after that left the room, I realized that it was a crazy thing I did. Also, some women then asked me “don’t you see this is the ladies’ room?”. I had to come up with an answer, so I tried to look as confused as I actually was - entering the room in the first place - and simply said “well, in Sweden we share!”…

So this is really something from the US that I will never forget. Havn’t been there since this time, but I’ll look closer at the male/female signs next time… :smiley:

well LA, now i kno ur a guy. I dun kno why but i thought u were a gal, sorry abt dat.

  • i even thought abt asking u to share photos so we could…uhmm…u kno… (:SHY)

You should’ve seen his avatar with his shaved legs :o

I saw it, but gals also can shave their legs so legs r not really matter w the gender, unless he showed other part…

but ■■■■, LA, u did SHAVE ur legs?? I shaved my legs wen i was a teenager so the hairs could come out more, tho i dun think u r teenager. if that case, u must haf a PDA connected while in class all the times…

No problem! I realize my nickname may be a bit feminine, ending with the letter a. But I’ve had that discussion with you Soya, obviously a guy can have the name Luca! Actually, I thought you, Soya, was a girl - during my first weeks at the forum! :slight_smile:

Yep, the legs are shaved as long as the cycling season allows short pants. Now the temperature hardly goes above 16 degrees Celsius, so the pants are full length and the hair is growing. No, I’m no teenager, with my 24 years. There’s a thread were you can see me. :wink:


You weren’t the first, but even that is my nickname hehehe → I guess this counts as a confession ?

Let’s call it a confession, but I’m not embarrassed. :smiley:


Thanks for not feeling embarrassment for me (:TNG)

I got to ask: exactly at which moment did you realize it was the ladies’ room? Was it the ladies themselves or the fact that the room was missing urinals?

Or maybe you were simply confused because the urinals looked feminine

I discovered it immediately and almost felt like a pervert, but for some ununderstandable reason I ignored it! Have never done such a thing before, and ever since!

No comment on that! ;D

/LA (:KWL)

I got that from Wikipedia:

A McDonald's restaurant in the Netherlands removed them after an American complained to the U.S. head office. Ironically, the urinal in question was designed by a woman.

Sorry to anyone who found that offensive. I confess I did not realize its origin and background until now.

That’s interesting.

Now, the lack of urinals didn’t mind because I always prefer privacy… :wink:


I see… 88)

So you prefer sitting over standing 88)

Now that conclusion has really no substance at all! :slight_smile:

lol (:LGH)

By the way, your previous post really was a touché in a nutshell!



I 1st thought both of u werr girls. Then i found out Soya is actually a guy, ‘sad episode 1’.
Now come to LA, ‘sad episode 2’.

this is surely a woman mistakingly went to da men’s toilet. I’m sure all guys like dat design :slight_smile:
even I kno in Indonesia, ppl put a picture of a gal trying to cut da strongest limb (yay, for me, but maybe not applicable to u guys) over the urinal bowl. if ganda read this thread, maybe he can provide a pic:).

ok, next time wen i go to US and go to female toilet, I’ll say my Sweden friend told me in US, male can use female toilet :slight_smile:

That’s a clever tip (:CLP)

The more I think about it, the more I wished someone would’ve taken a photo of that priceless moment :smiley:

You are sure about that ??? I don’t know :-\

Greetz, Red.

heey, i’m not the only indonesian here ;D, and i’m not xperienced in taking a urinal pic

Im sure Soya confessed dat but i’m not sure the ‘layout’ :slight_smile: