Confessions: Embarrassing situations

Pornographic pictures removed


Me neither :stuck_out_tongue:

Greetz, Red.

What do you mean by ‘Layout’? We’re all using so many metaphors I forgot what this topic is even about.

aladinonl: nice find ;), but the first pic with the “ghost” is a mistake because I don’t see any urinals in that one

aladinonl: nice find ;), but the first pic with the "ghost" is a mistake because I don't see any urinals in that one
oh, I took out da pic. the ghost was at a toilet so i thought it somehow relates to urinals.

LOL, u seems a lil emotional ;D. u kno Vietnamese has a saying:“co’ ta^.t gia^.t mi`nh” (how u react reflects who u r in fact)
and by ‘layout’, Rednose and I mean the number of limbs coming out fr ur body :THNK

got me!, i’m speechless.

edit : this is one of embarrasing moments in my life ;D

If that’s the worst you have experienced, I think your life has not yet started… :wink:

I mean, see how high /LA has set the embarrassment bar for us!


Another option he could’ve took at the moment instead of saying in Sweden people share washrooms is to say “I’m drunk”. I mean, it was during the even and at a wedding ceremony, correct? They would’ve understood. :-\

Yes, wedding party. I was only 17 at that moment (18 is the minimum age in Sweden), not allowed to drink, and my parents were there. Wouldn’t get drunk with them around…


It was a worth a shot anyway. I didn’t mean to actually become drunk - you could’ve pretended to be :■■■■

Or even skip the use of English and talk Swedish to them, we’d all get in a climax of confusion! ;D

You really should’ve. That’ would’ve livened up the party ;D

Yeah, but I’d avoid mentioning a “climax” while you’re telling them how drunk you were; at least not in English (where it might have some inappropriate connotations).


True, that was rather to illustrate how the situation would be…


That or you could’ve flashed your legs at them they would’ve just welcomed you (:HUG)

i said it’s ONE of the embarrasing moment ;D
i have 2 “bathroom accident” like LA :

  1. i was drunk (i never drink booze before & AFTER it, i promise!), and i ALMOST entered woman’s room in a pub. luckily,the guard there showed me the way to men’s room.

  2. i was in a hospital, visiting a friend, and in a hurry to go to bathroom, so i entered the
    “hospital staff only” bathroom. and when i come out, there were 3 nurses & 1 man (maybe a janitor) staring at me. (i should have said “in sweden, people share!” ;D)

I don’t know if that excuse will work all the time. What if the response is, “Well, howdy-do, this isn’t Sweden!”. ;D

My “big” moment also is connected to the restroom; or toilet, anyway. When I was first out on my own in the world, I lived in an apartment where the toilet kept running - the water kept flowing into the tank, and down into the bowl. Out of frustration I reached into the tank and wiggled/jiggled the hardware there, hoping to make it stop. Apparently it was all corroded anyway, as it came apart with the force of the water pressure.

Water shot (clean water, thank God!) shot all over my bathroom, made a hole in the ceiling 6 feet above, and soaked me completely. In the ignorance of youth, I freaked out. I didn’t know what to do to make it stop, so I called 9-1-1; after all it was an emergency, wasn’t it? :smiley: They suggested that I call my landlord to see what I should do, and if that did not resolve it, they could have the water turned off to the whole building. So I called my landlord, and he said, “Turn the water off.” “Where??!!!” “The knob under the toilet.” Doh! I didn’t know about that. :-[

In a few minutes, 9-1-1 called back to see if I still needed help. I’m sure they’re still laughing about the crazy guy whose toilet exploded… (:LGH)


LOL! Do you see the connection to my experience, in a moment of confusion you didn’t leave the restroom (didn’t look for a knob to turn off the water), instead you freaked out! :smiley:

What an emergency… :wink:


HIGHES score so far (:CLP) (:CLP) (:CLP) you’re the champ LM

P.S. hey SOYA, about your signature, have you watched FULL METAL ALCHEMIST?

What haven’t I watched? Just another title in my long list of 300+ :o

For LM’s case, if it’s any consolation, at least he didn’t have to encounter the 911 crew face-to-face as in LA’s case.