COMODO V5 & V6 Users Count Poll

Hi friends, I started this Poll to know users which version now using , version 5 or 6.
and you can Describe Why you use version 5 or 6. for start, i voted and describe why i am using version 5:
I am using version 5 because of:
1-very easily and near Configurations and Settings
2- User Friendly Interface
3-Light Weight program
and more …,
Lets COMODO Devs Know your choice and why you are using version 5 or 6.
I Hope COMODO will make a version and two versions 5 & 6 Users go and Install New version :smiley:
Thanks, PcSoft. COMODO Lover :wink:

Hello! I use version 6 because:

  1. I like the new GUI
  2. It’s light on my system
  3. It has more features/options compared to version 5 (Fully virtual sandbox, Kiosk, rating scan, etc)
  4. It has integrated CCE & Rescue Disk

Running CIS 6 with Default settings on 2 Win 7 64 systems (Average Users)

Popups are eliminated in this version (Kinda automatic now that I like for average users)
Popup is simple (By default security description is hidden on the popup & sandbox as default action mentioned on the popup that I like for average users)
Import database & Update options.
Virtual Kiosk
Like the GUI (Waiting for the upcoming GUI enhancements)
Rating Scan
Inbuilt Comodo Rescue Disk USB creator
Runs Light (For me all CIS versions were light)

V6 is my choice.
My opinion,

  • It has greater potential to grow than previous versions.
  • After using it for a while V5 looks outdated.
  • It feels light, secure and quiet.
  • Virtual Kiosk is useful.
  • Cannot run virtual browsers with previous versions.
  • System scans are much quicker.
  • It is easier to learn about the newer product if it is installed.
  • Testing quality and functionality of new products is enjoyable.
  • V5 has finished growing, V6 has just begun.
  • A change is as good as a holiday. :smiley:

They are just some of the reasons from the top of my head why I prefer to have V6 installed.

Just to play devils advocate >:-D

It has greater potential to grow than previous versions.
I hope so.

After using it for a while V5 looks outdated.
Version 6 looks like a media player (there again so do a lot of security products these days)

It feels light, secure and quiet
It feels heavy and I never felt version 5 was any more noisy than I wanted it to be…

Virtual Kiosk is useful.
So is VMWare, VirtualBox, Parallels…

Cannot run virtual browsers with previous versions.
Run the browser in a VM… :stuck_out_tongue:

System scans are much quicker

It is easier to learn about the newer product if it is installed

Testing quality and functionality of new products is enjoyable.
I think you’re looking for reasons now…

V5 has finished growing, V6 has just begun
Unfortunately, version 5 was never finished, now we have it’s terrible spawn

A change is as good as a holiday. :smiley:
I wish I could have a holiday :stuck_out_tongue:

Seriously, I understand where you’re coming from and for some, especially those who install and leave, version 6, is probably great. perhaps I’m in a minority, but I think it’s dreadful and for firewall only users - another minority, maybe, - it offers nothing of value and provides plenty of reasons not to move.

I use v6

it has a lot of bug fixes from v5…
light on the system
its the new platform for better security

I’m using version 5 because:

  1. User-friendly interface.
  2. Quick access to settings.
  3. No integration with other programs (CCE and others. (Do not included)
  4. Stable release.
  5. The main screen-sees% of incoming and outgoing. (And is there a traffic). How many -in a single click.
  6. Interface suitable for not advanced users (children, his wife and staff.) ;D
  7. No conflict with system (not observed) :-TU

Win7 32 SP1 intel core 2 duo e7600 3Gb 2HDD

:-TU +1
I think Version 6 can have an update that make it compatible to both V5 Users and V6 Users. By changing Interface or make two interface and let user choose Basic or Advanced Interface.
That’s common, some programs use this method to support new and old users.
another thing i like to have with V6 is the Verbose Mode Alerts, i know it can be enabled but Alert Description Scrolled because of use Big Buttons. i like V5 alerts and not need to scroll alerts. another is the Big Buttons on alert.

V6 will improve no doubt and gives something to look forward to.
V5 gives nothing to look forward to, rather stationary and boring IMO.

We all have genuine valid reasons.
For none advanced users V6 is probably the favoured choice for set and forget.
I do see and agree with some of the points RadagHast has made, especially for FW only users.

I agree.
To each his own.
Main protection and security.

But until more questions than answers.
We Wait and see what happens with new release.

P.S. I like its simplicity and convenience. :-TU

I love version 6 because version 5 is outdated:awaiting next version that fixes some of its bugs! :smiley:

I agree with Melih, version 6 is not dreadful a lot of hard work went in to creating Comodo 6. Who else offers a virtual kiosk, fully virtualised sandbox and behavior blocker?

When the updates will come, that’s the question…

And yes, I use version 6

Previous versions wouldn’t create a virtualized shortcut for you, but you could definitely virtualize your browser using the manual sandbox.

I use version 5 because I feel version 6 is a step backwards in terms of usability.

Version 6 because it is the latest version and it doesn’t have major issues when compared to version 5.

CIS v6 is my choice , And this is my opinion: Version 6 has more features.


Virtual Kiosk
Behavior Blocker has improved
Verbose mode for HIPS alerts
Reset Sandbox feature & button
View events has improved,
Diagnostic tool has improved, It can download missing files from the Internet
Fully virtualization for Autosandbox
Autosubmit Sandboxed apps
Rating Scan
More quickly scanning
Clean Endpoint (Integrated CCE_KS_AA & RD)
Sound effects are used in alert windows to grab users’ attention
Offline virus database update (Import Virus Database)
New program updater
TVL option (enable/disable)
Persian Language support (my Lang)
And more…

But v6 needs to improve Interface => Summary Screen & View Connections & Quick access to settings etc.

True but it eliminates the need for other 3rd party applications making it more suitable for average users.

I use version 5 because I feel version 6 is a step backwards in terms of usability.
With nourishment and the correct fertilisation, V6 will grow to what we expect. :)

What third party applications were required previously?

My bad, I had a combination of system virtualisation and not browser sandboxing in my head. :-[

I am using v6 because. is extremely light on my system and runs around the 10mb mark.
2.The icons are simply the most beautifully crafted icons i have ever seen in any program.
3.solid protection with several good layers integrated and run in true harmony with each other just like a well conducted orchestra.
4.I believe virtualization is the future for security and v6 has taken the first step towards this goal.
5.i have full control over the various security components. simply works for me with no problems.

I would like to add that i dont consider v5 outdated but merely different from v6.
Well done comodo and good luck with any future enhancements.

I use 6 because I prefer the UI and the greater ease of use for the average and below average users. The white listing of things is greatly improved and safe apps are never flagged or interfered with in any way. The Kiosk is also a great addition. I’m personally loving V6.