Comodo V3.1 and beyond?

Hiya Boss!
The internet is abuzz with the news that CFP3.1 is due out “this week” and I note from other posts in this section the pencilled in date is Jan 30th??

I had been happily using Zone Alarm Pro Version 5.5 for a couple of years now [later versions did not agree with my machine]. version 7 also caused major problems and so have decided to jump ship and move to CFP. I don’t want to have to install v3.0 and then replace it within a couple of days so am waiting [im]patiently for v3.1. I also note you have already pencilled in ver3.2 “soon” with yet more features.

Some questions/comments please:

  1. When do we get to install version 3.1?!

  2. When is version 3.2 due? What exactly is the global threat thingy you mention in the “some ideas for CFP3” thread?

  3. I note you said CAV is due to be incorporated into CFP. As a happy Nod32 user, I presume this means antivirus. If so will it be possible to not install it or disable CAV completely so it doesn’t interfere with Nod32?

  4. A plea. Whilst I accept ZA may seem intuitive to me simply because I have used it for a while, in the past I have looked at a few other Firewalls. Some like Norton seems user-friendly [■■■■ not as good as I had]. Others and here I mean specifically Outpost Agnitum and Comodo were obviously excellent product but IMHO Far too tricky to get to grips with for an “average” user ie someone not a complete geekazoid but could be considered an amateur geek.
    Could you please intergrate or highlight now CFP3 can remain secure, give the user some degree of control on how to treat new apps/connections/networks without having to spend nights on end ploughing through rules, invariably making some mistakes and then either having non-functioning connections [the ultimate safety!] or else major holes.
    In a nutshell I’d like a product as robust as CFP3 but as user friendly as ZA has been.

  5. Could User Manual for CFP3 be made available online please. I know you say it is incorporated into the product but for an intricate proggy like this I would like to be able to get some idea of settings etc before I install [if only to know what the different “modes” eg Train/Safe/Train-with etc etc mean


Hi Wigwam :slight_smile:

Thanks for the post…

1)3.1 is most likely to come out on monday

2)3.2 I don’t have a date, but if you are referring to ThreatCast then sometime next week (it will be a beta)

3)AV within CPF will be on demand. AV’s interfere if they have the On Access component (a driver that continually watches all the files all the time and having two fight eachother, on demand is when the av runs only when u want it). So there won’t be any interference

4)First we had to build the most secure platform, with v3 I believe we have achieved that, our next stage of development is mostly about making it easy to use. We want everyone to be able to use it and step by step, we will make sure we achieve our goal.

5)we are creating a wiki written by users for users at hopefully it will be filled soon.



Many thanks. The prompt support is a reassuring aspect to ameliorate the fear factor of CFP somewhat!
Look forward to d/l 3.1 on Monday then and making the transition.

Threatcast is indeed what I meant and it looks intriguing!

I take your point about making it secure before making it look pretty!

Thanks for the details about the wiki - much needed!

I think, we have best possible product now already, please make 3.1 optional for upgrade… is final, please make it sufficient to have on its own security and compatibility bugs upgrade, without its logic change.
Thank in advance

That would be hard to maintain 2 products. If they won’t maintain 2.4 i doubt they will maintain another version.

Ahem (:TNG)