CFP 3.1 most likely next monday [Closed]

News from the Boss :slight_smile:

So we don’t have to wait for it today :wink:

Greetz, Red.

Actually I first heard of the release of version 3.1 on another forum.

But know little about it and what it will improve.

But the one big question is--------will it be an incremental update or must one do a total uninstall
of followed by a total reinstall of the 3.1 version?

Too bad, I was hoping to play with 3.1 today. Still, Melih has been known to surprise us!

you see, the problem is… 3.1 is ready! But all the other stuff that goes around it, web sites etc is not, so they can’t launch it till monday :slight_smile:


I think your right in making sure all the eyes are dotted and all the teas crossed,another few days wont hurt.

Any news Matty

Than kick the webboy’s ■■■■■ :stuck_out_tongue: And don’t pay them overtime 88)

Greetz, Red.

what’s in CFP3.1 ??? CAVS 3 hopefully :-TU (-www-) (:m*) (:m*) (:s*) (:s*) (:a*)

monday? dam u want to kill me? i cant wait to test a new version !
if the website is not ready, why dont post a link to dl it?
pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease (:LOV)

the big wait is killing me too, then again you have to be patient for the good thinks in life…thanks COMODO!

p.s. post a link to the download won’t be a bad idea anyway (:KWL)

Three more days!! :cry: (:SAD) I guess I can wait. :THNK

Mr. Melih, maybe it can leak somewhere? (-www-)

Yeah Melih, we would like to see a “Psst” now 88) And we won’t tell it to Kevin ;D

Greetz, Red.

Maybe this gives us a clue?

# A-VSMART prevention technology is a next generation Anti Virus, Spyware, Malware, Rootkits and Trojans (VSMART) platform that prevents harmful applications from getting installed on your system


yep we’re friday, it gives u the time to update the site and let us test the new comodo right now.
if it’s ready, people on the forum would LOVE to test it before monday, then on monday people that are not forumers will find it if they visit the site.

(do u think we have a chance?) lol

I can both wait until cpf3.1 is available and understand that it takes some time to get all the servers ready. And even them, I may wait a longer time to make sure there are not some horrible bugs as others try it.

I have the luxury of time simply because CPF works so well as it is.

WHAT I CAN’T UNDERSTAND is where this loose lips sink ships secrecy is coming from???
What possible purpose can secrecy serve given 3.1 is already finalized.

The two questions I think we all have is:

  1. What wondrous new features will be added to make CPF3.1 much better than 3.0.x
  2. Will it take a clean install reinstall or can we get to version 3.1 with an incremental update from version

Can someone who knows please answer these two basic questions? Please please.

to Osage:

look I believe honestly that “almost” everything has been said about this next version of CFP. It will integrate a basic version of CAVS 3 (on demand scanner only). What;s not clear is the interface. I already said I’d rather have it on the alert dialog boxes like in SSM, to scan each process involved before allowing or blocking (can anyone tell me why the cursor disappears all the time when I write a post in this forum, that’s a bit upsetting :SMLR; I go to other forums that run the same software and that doesn’t happen)…OK back to topic :SMLR : so I can wait until Monday to find out exactly what. and how.

Now the other aspect, not a secret anymore either is TC (= ThreatCast) which will be available sometime next week as well, here again not all features have been unveiled, but we know already that it will connect CFP to databases on servers. That way we shall have some feedback related to the alerts we got from Def+ = how many other users had the alert and what’s the advised answer. Right I’m personally not amazed by that, but Melih said there would be many other features related to TC…and…a premium non-free service as well. So as said I’m ready to wait…and see (:WIN) It shouldn’t be a problem for anyone here. Comodo has also, from what I read, patent procedure to go through and this all very well understandable. Take it easy (:WIN)

3.1 will also address many issues/fixes (according to Egemen)

Correct me if I am wrong Egemen/Melih…


nah, A-VSMART technology = Defense+

Mmm CAVS in CFP. I’ve been away, but… Why not remove the firewall from the name.
Sounds like Outpost, which i avoided completely after reading the antispyware part.

Melih, HELP

Its an on demand component to help CleanPC mode. Its NOT an on access AV. its ONLY on demand.

This is to help people check for malware before they put their firewall into Clean PC mode.