COMODO Time Machine 2.9.161985.187 BETA released

Hi Guys,
We have just released COMODO Time Machine 2.9.161985.187 BETA. Thank you very much for joining the BETA testing of CTM.

This is a BETA software and must not be used any other purposes than
It can contain serious bugs that could cause permanent data loss.
!! Please do not install this on your production system !!

What’s new in CTM 2.9 BETA?
FIXED! Installation fails with error “COMODO Time Machine can not initialize operating system information”.
FIXED! System can not boot if a protected disk is removed.
FIXED! More than 50 GUI bugs.
FIXED! More than 20 bugs in ctmcmd.exe.
IMPROVED! New snapshot engine.
IMPROVED! Uninstall to current system in seconds.
IMPROVED! More powerful and accurate schedule task.
IMPROVED! Users can choose to move user directory to unprotected disk and turn off windows system restoration when installing CTM.
IMPROVED! New language supported: Estonian and Portuguese.
CHANGED: May need to move some data in recovery.
CHANGED: Run snapshot compact automatically in background without user interaction.
CHANGED: New quick operation entry in tray menu.

Known problem:
Repair feature of installer may not work correctly.


  1. Users can not upgrade CTM from previous releases to this release.
  2. It is is undetermined whether users can upgrade this release to future releases or not.

Download Location:

File Name: client_setup_2.9.161985.187.exe
Size: 11.0M ( 11538744 )
MD5: D82BEA9E7A41545B2893B9D6B722F80C
SHA1: 1B905D345A08BCB8EC74ED05360522CC08AF979B

Bug Reports


Well done guys!

Is this the new engine of CTM; new “architecture” ? Does this engine help protect against, for example TDSS Rookits?


Does this engine help protect against, for example [url=]TDSS Rookits?[/url]
This feature is not included in this release.

Best Regards.

I have installed the beta on my spare Acer 32bit Vista laptop, which has never had a problem even with the early betas.

Everything went smoothly other than that the uninstall of the current release of CTM took a long time compared to previous CTM uninstallations. Presumably that was by design, details of time remaining were shown on the screen.

The beta seems to be working well and no bugs to report.

Temptation to disobey :slight_smile:

Did you heard the suggestion of “two” stage uninstallation: restore the snapshot, confirm the system is working, then proceed to uninstall?

Glad to helped :slight_smile:

Good. Hope a better management of the free disk space and avoid running in critical situations of low disk space.

Give me time to backup the system, uninstall the old version, chkdsk and defrag the disk, install the beta :slight_smile:

excellent work guys. this version promises the rock solid stability we are accustom to from Comodo

This is not a bug but the opposite.

My Vista laptop has only 1GB of RAM so it has always been slow. Recently everything was taking even longer, but since changing to this beta, after uninstalling to current system, it’s performance is very much improved. Startup shutdown and opening applications have all speeded up a lot. :-TU

Can the harddrive be accesed form other machine now? Or data from disk will be ruined?
If so, when can we expect realese of CD with drivers so harddisk can be accesed in case of failure

does this release support SSD disc trim?

An old ask from a lot of users.

No, it doesn’t.

Installed the new Beta and working better so-far than the previous version (:CLP)

It was said before not to de-frag the HDD that CTM is installed on as it would affect the snapshots I take it that this would include Windows built in Defragmenter that is usually set as sheduled by de-fault? So I ran Windows own defrag tool and then unchecked the sheduled option so that it will no longer run, THEN installed CTM .

If CTM and the snapshots are corrupted by running any defrag tools, would it be possible to have the CTM installation remove windows own defrag shedule and also warn to not have any Third Party tools run whilst CTM is installed?

Keep up the good work guys :comodorocks: getting better with every release :-TU

They’re not corrupted. The snapshot just get bigger and take disk size, nothing more than that.

There is a warning for that. I have translated it.

So we need to uninstall the previous beta first? Or can we install on top off?
What will happen with previous snapshots?

You need to uninstall previous beta first.
You can’t install on top.
When you uninstall it, all snapshots will be lost. You can generate new ones with the new version :slight_smile:

Found it , thanks

Still no raid support?


So how is development of CTM? Any new betas soon?

couldnt post a new topic so ill ask here.had to uninstall ctm beta and now my system restore isnt there(win vista 32?i uninstalled it also on my win 7 64 and had to delete a reg key(now works) because ctm disables it but i cant find them on vista?
nevermind i found it and got system restore back.ctm should reanable restore when it is uninstalled.