COMODO Time Machine 2.7.150952.175 BETA Released

Hi Guys,
We have just released COMODO Time Machine 2.7.150952.175 BETA. Thank you very much for joining the BETA testing of CTM.

This is a BETA software and must not be used any other purposes than
It can contain serious bugs that could cause permanent data loss.
!! Please do not install this on your production system !!

What’s new in CTM 2.7 BETA?
FIXED! Solved all problems of Windows Hibernation.
FIXED! Failed to install CTM when system partition is NTFS format.
FIXED! Failed to Reset Baseline when write much data in some special
FIXED! “Delayed write failed.” prompted when free space is very low.
FIXED! Failed to startup after update.
FIXED! Disable Windows defrag feature. CTM is incompatible with Windows 7’s Defrag.
FIXED! More than 30 GUI bugs.
IMPROVED! Added automatic checking for updates feature.
IMPROVED! Compatibility of installation.

Known problem:
In mutli-OS environment, which means the computer is installed with
multiple OS and each OS has its own partitions. The computer will not
start if the CTM driver is moved and only part of all partitions is
The only way to avoid such issue is to protect all the partitions across
multiple OS.

Download Location:

File Name: client_setup_2.7.150952.175.exe
Size: 18.6M ( 19558200 )
MD5: F5DE8B68B1787CEA19D3403C4646F878
SHA1: A1AC2E3518545B81579072A5A013986343A56EB3

Bug Reports


Well done Doskey and team!

Hopefully this is the most stable release we have all been waiting for. Downloading straight away. :slight_smile:


excellent work guys!

Now we have a rock solid CTM :slight_smile:


Presumably this will fix the much documented mbr issues?

I’ll give this a test on my VM and see how it does :slight_smile:

I’m hoping when it’s final its a nice stable release :-TU

pls let us know if bugs have been fixed for you.


Melih, can you confirm that this issue was addressed in the beta?;msg399968#msg399968

Doskey can confirm…


The issue I had with the last release was it slowed my login soooo much it became unusable.
I had no choice but to uninstall it.
After uninstalling it, I noticed a chunk of one of my hard drives (one that was not protected) had been taken by CTM, and I could not return the drive space for my personal use.

Hi Tech.
The problem you met should be fixed on the BETA version. If it reproduce on BETA again, please contact with me directly.


Hi John.
Which step was slow down during logon? In fact, CTM doesn’t use any space on non-protected partition. Could you please describe the problem you met in detail? I will try to locate the problem.


I need to be brave to start testing it in my only Windows 7 I use for working…
Need to plan a rescue plan. I do not find (or understand and learn) a way to backup MBR and partition table in freewares yet. Seems easy, but I’m confused.

What about the Portuguese translation?

Hi Tech.
We don’t recommend you install a BETA version to you working PC.
If you want to backup, you can try these:

Thanks for Portuguese translation. My guys are still working on localization. I will send the DEMO to you asap. We still need your help for reviewing.


Well the good news is it didn’t ■■■■■ up windows :smiley:
Uninstalling didn’t go quite right though

Hi antbates1991.
I answered your question. Please check it. :wink:


There are new GUI entries (like “Automatic update”), how will we manage this new items?

Hi Tech.
Automatic update is a new feature in BETA version. CTM will check update during startup. If there is any new version, CTM will notice you. You can disable update notification in setting page. But you can always see the version number of updater in setting page.


Do we still in this version need CTM installed to see latest changes to the machine.
I mean, if I connect my harddrive as external, do i see Windows as when i installed CTM, or do I see the changes made after CTM was installed?

Thanks in advance.

Hi Guillermo391.
You see, CTM doesn’t work in the case. So that you should see the baseline status of your hard disk. (CTM doesn’t have chance to handle operations of your hard disk. Right?) In fact, we don’t recommend that you do such operations like this. Internal data of CTM might be corrupted by any writing operation when you access the hard disk. Please see CTM manual. CTM must handle all hard disk operations.

In fact, we are finding better solution to solve the problem. Maybe we will solve the problem in next version.

Thanks for your support,


My test tablet has both XP and Linux installed. Will this beta work with Linux? If not, is there a “rough” date when Linux support may be added. Unfortunately, this is one Comodo product I haven’t been able to test/use yet :(.


Hi Graham1.
So far, CTM doesn’t support Linux. But it is in our plan. Please look forward. For testing CTM, you can try to install it on your VM.

Anyway, Thanks for you support.