COMODO Time Machine 2.7.150952.175 BETA Released

If you create an image with Macrium Reflect free you get the option to ‘restore mbr from backup’,it’s always worked flawlessly for me.If you have more than one partition being protected by CTM on the same disk,then a full disk image is the safest option (the image will be the same size as the whole disk though not just the data).

I realize that… It’s quite obvious… My concern is about the translation of that text. How would you keep it updated (i.e., how would you send it to me to translate it for us).

Does this version fix the issues of causing corrupt disks\windows installations that a lot of people were experiencing?

I have 6 partitions.

  1. Windows 7 restore (or boot) partition of 100Mb.
  2. Windows 7 NTFS. That will be the only one protected by CTM.
  3. Data (most setup and backup, videos, etc.). NTFS.
  4. TrueCrypted with my documents and personal data.
  5. A full partition backup of 2.
  6. A full partition backup of 4 (so, TrueCrypted itself).

I’ll do a Macrium backup of 1, 2 and 3 (not sector by sector, but a “Intelligent sector copy”. Hope the MBR is included.

It fixed my problem, I tested uninstalling it and it went fine :slight_smile:
But everyones system is different…

:-TU Good job!
This is the first ctm build I’ve been able to install on my 32 bit vista OS. :slight_smile:

I got the usual “raid controller detected” but clicked install anyway.Created / restored snapshots no problems.

Then I uninstalled from the add/remove programs. No problems there either. I believe you’re on the right track. :slight_smile: jmo

Hi Doskey

Thanks for your reply. Unfortunately, my test tablet is only 1.2 GHz, 1GB ram so unable to run VM environment. I will wait for Linux support.


The mbr is backed up with every type of imaging AFAIK.


This is the first release that can install on my machine. Have tested and works very well. I think i have fallen in love with it ;D ;D ;D

Thanks to COMODO :-TU

Paragon Hard Disk Manager (since V8) allows you to image a partition with or without including the MBR.

I’ve installed this on my Production laptop, Yeah I know I’m not supposed to, but after trying it in a VM everything seems fine.

Anyway here is a few comments,
I’ve been able to test out Hibernation and to my delight it now works without a problem. :smiley:
I’ve been able to remove CTM successfully with screwing up the MBR. :smiley:
Also the slow boot times and slow log on times I had with 2.6 are also resolved, there’s no difference really. :smiley:

In my opinion despite being a BETA, it’s much more stable than 2.6.

I’m using W7 HP 32Bit
3GB Ram
C2D T6400
250GB HD with 4 Partitions (Hidden 100MB, Hidden Acer 12GB, Windows 7OS 185GB, Blank NTFS 50GB)

Won’t pay U$ 50 to use CTM for free…


When will CTM be compatible with disk defraggers? Is it compatible with the one built into Windows?


Josh, it’s not a matter of compatibility.
The “movements” of the files will be detected as “changed” files (at low level).
You will increase A LOT your snapshot and, in fact, all write in the disk is redirected to the snapshot. You won’t be defragging the baseline or the real files if you prefer, but the snapshots.
The internal defrag of CTM “understand” the redirection and does the defragmentation.

With screwing up the MBR ???



I realize it’s a typo but …

“With screwing up the MBR ???” No biggie!

I couldn’t resist. :smiley:

CMT 2.7 does work with my software AMD raid 0. :slight_smile:
Previous versions made my Windows crash while booting.

Hi I installed CTM 2.6.138262.166 and was going to update it to CTM 2.7.150952.175 and when I started the install procedure I was told I could not update the version I had on my PC and I had to un-install the 2.6 version. I am concerned that if I uninstall the 2.6 version I will not be able to use my PC and will have to start from scratch again !!

What do you recommend please.