COMODO Time Machine 2.5.129464.157 Released

Hi Everyone,

We are happy to announce that COMODO Time Machine 2.5.129464.157 has just been released.

This is a maintanence release that should address a couple of bugs in the previous versions.

You can use your client’s update functionality to update your copies to the current version. You do NOT need to uninstall the previous versions.

What’s new in CTM 2.5

IMPROVED! Compatibility with other security products.
FIXED! CTM can not be installed on a secondary disk
FIXED! CTM can not be installed while OS is not installed on the first HDD.

Download Locations:

Size: 20.3M ( 21336328 )
MD5: 70350C906038782473C7551121A6228B
SHA1: A335593BE070F10ED889F9B7BC2779C4199B42B3


Tried to update, but…
Should i try to install the new over the old version?

Tried, but the same error appears.What to do, without losing my snaps?

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That’s great. Thanks for your work, guys. Unfortunately I can’t see the results coz it ain’t installing again. “Testing memory 102C5EE2” (Seems like that). Win7/32/ult single-boot.
Two disks with active partitions, but that’s not to blame - I unplug one disk but installation won’t continue like it happened in the previous version 2.4.
Sorry to report this.

I updated using the programs updater, everything installed just fine.All my snapshots, ect still there. :slight_smile:

Win 7 x64

Updater failed to complete the job.
After reboot, CTM was still “there”, but I couldn’t get to it (CTM GUI) from windows.
Had to uninstall from CTM panel.
Then install fresh from downloaded installer.

what error msg did you get during upgrade?

Did your system halt after “Testing memory 102…”?


I have PM’d the detail text from Warning in windows admin events log from around time of update failure.

I had no error pop ups during the update, but there was no taskbar icon
and I couldn’t open CTM from the desktop shortcut.

I went to Add/remove from windows and then got a pop up that said I had to uninstall from CTM control panel.
So I did, then did fresh install.
Hope this helps

You can run the old version 154 and click “Cancel” in the following pic. And then you can upgrade to the new version. Don’ t worry your snapshots, they still exist. :slight_smile:

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Win 7 64bit. Update also failed for me. I had to repair my PC using my Windows 7 64bit disk as it has “start up errors” - I don’t remember the errors, but my PC simply wouldn’t start unless it was repaired which worked.

Fresh install and all ok.


Yes, the istallation stops after that message and windows won’t boot at all.

After reading the posts above, I decided to uninstall the previous version, run defraggler and then do a fresh installation. This all went very smoothly and I now have 40GB of free space whereas before I had to delete snapshots to avoid running out of disc space. I have of course lost previous snapshots, but after updating previously and running defraggler in the past before I knew there is a problem with doing that, the disc space was becoming a serious problem (Vista).

Maybe there should be more information about this on the download site? It is not mentioned in the help file either.

Another problem which I had was that after a hard shutdown chkdsk would attempt to run on startup with every restart, but would never complete, so I had to disable that through a registry edit. Not something for new users to get involved in. Again I cannot see any mention of this apart from reading something on the forum, but I may have missed something as I am off line quite often just now

Congratulations with the new release. It is finally working here. :-TU

Will ctm ever be compatible with raid drivers?

Has this issue been fixed in this release?

Hi, khat
This version is not compatible with raid drivers.
We will consider to implement this feature in the future versions.

Thanks for your support.
Best regards.

Hi, antbates1991
I’m sorry, it hasn’t. We are trying our best to fix it.
Thanks for your support.

Best Regards

Thanks jinYao

Ok thanks

If you install this version (157) there is a good possibility that uninstalling it will crash your computer making it unbootable. CTM corrupts the MBR which isn’t reparable. At this point you will need to reformat your HDD losing all information that is stored on your computer in the process. COMODO isn’t telling you this and you need to be aware of it.