COMODO Time Machine 2.4.125818.154 FINAL Released!

Thanks for the Comodo Time Machine which works great on my system.

May I suggest that a checked box option is added to the settings whereby missed scheduled tasks are run automatically when the computer starts up or comes out of stand-by.

Also, the option to add a CTM scheduled task to Windows Task Scheduler.

Thank you.

From the description of CMT, i want to know whether it is the OEM of AyRecovery. I have been using AyRecovery for a long time, so how you make such a similar software,where did you get the source code?

Hi, selina
You can refer to this post.;msg329420#msg329420

Hopefully it helps.
Best regards.

Comodo Time Machine Test and Review O0

I can not find the answer from the post you provide. Could you tell me directly?

I assume this means that Comodo may be using AyRecovery and improving on it.

(Took a tad bit of time to quote from a locked topic. :P)

Any idea about system responsiveness ?
I’ve tried installing it in a Vmware virtual machine (XP SP3) and I felt some sluggishness in overall speed (slower) trying running any kind of my installed software (browsers, explorer replacements, overall system speed).

Any idea if I’m just dreaming or does the way CTM works indeed takes a little responsiveness away ?

Thanks. :wink:

VMware is sluggish itself isn’t it? VirtualBox is much more efficient, and I use it myself. When I tested CTM in my VM (with VirtualBox), the only slow-down I noticed was with boot-up. Furthermore, it takes about 10-15 seconds for the CTM icon to show up in the system tray, which is rather annoying (for me haha).

It’s rather pointless to test application responsiveness on virtual machine. You will never get the performance of the real system. Further more, some applications tend to act weird in virtual environment or not to work at all. Not to mention that the virtualization software itself can have bugs which affect performance (e.g. VirtualBox).

Anyway, how is your testing going?
For me CTM failed only once, making Windows to stuck on the ‘Welcome’ screen.

Excellent point!

You are spot on. :slight_smile:

CTM is, IMO, amazingly fast and effective… From bootup to shutdown.


Based on what happened with the beta…I have I feeling CTM won’t work until I reformat. 88)

Who said I was using VirtualBox to test “application responsiveness”? I use it for fun to test operating systems, applications, and malware. I personally don’t care about application responsiveness - I just want to see how things work. I’ve already got my own “100%” setup on my REAL system anyway.

I’ve decided not to use CTM, as it’s not what I’m after. Good luck to those using it.

I used beta 1, beta 2, rc 1 and rc 2 version of CTM with no problems, but after installing final version and restart - I got BSOD

Some of you may want to read this to understand CTM:

Nice review…


Thanks. :stuck_out_tongue:

Stickied it.

CTM completely destroyed my Win7. Thank you!

Your welcome. 88)

How? :stuck_out_tongue:

Was it when you tried to uninstall it?

I had that happen to me with the last Review Candidate.