COMODO Time Machine 2.3.124200.152 RC2 Released

Hi Guys,

We have just released COMODO Time Machine 2.3.124200.152 RC2! This is the last planned release of CTM before the final release.

Thank you very much for cooperating with us!

What’s news in RC2?

NEW! Multi-language selection is available for installation.
NEW! Free space and current users in status bar.
FIXED! Improved updater. Updater will be more stable.
FIXED! Improved installation on multi-OS environment.
FIXED! More than 50 fixes in the GUI.
FIXED! A couple of bugs in help file.
FIXED! Can’t work with build-in card reader.

Download Link:

Size: 20.1M ( 21149960 )
MD5: 79100946904c7ce0dcfe297016089686
SHA1: 5100e080a78d192f06228cb40eb2c4dc751decf6

Note: If you already installed CTM RC1, then you can just click update button in main window and update your existing copies. We would appreciate if you choose this option for testing purposes.

updating now… Christmas has come early…


I have a SATA controller (Intel 822801FR) using AHCI drivers though I don’t use RAID.

I got the above RAID unsupported warning.

Does this apply also to my setup (AHCI driver used only to enable NCQ. No RAID Disk Array)?

[attachment deleted by admin]

Updating via Updater…

updating via updater failed. See attached.

Windows Vista
Acronis TIH

Windows XP

Removed CTM 2.2 restarted both comps and installed CTM 2.3 on both machines.
Glad to see the card reader problem has been fixed.


[attachment deleted by admin]

Is it stable enough to use on a production machine.

I’ll try the updater tomorrow ;D

The problem which I described here (;msg350473#msg350473) seems to be gone :slight_smile:

thanks alot Comodo.
I love comodo time machine.

Is the ability to save folders from a restore now enabled? :stuck_out_tongue:

How soon will it be before the stable release ???

A big disappointment.I’m ■■■■■■■.Started update with the built in updater, everything went fine.At the final, CTM asked me for restart, and after restart it doesn’t want to start again. :cry: All my snapshots are now useless.

[at] bequick
I think that answered my first question. Thanks :slight_smile:

Does CTM not want to start, or Windows itself?

Just CTM.My system is fine, but i had several important snapshots and now they are gone.

The update never finished for me. But off course it is for testing purposes only…

Sorry to hear about that issue bequick. :frowning: However, as always, it was stated to be used for testing purposes… So CTM team should look into it.


Well, you are right of course, but the CTM worked perfectly till this update.I really cannot understand that.It doesn’t make sense.

Don’t worry. All Snapshots are still exist here, pls try to restore again in subsystem console (restart the computer, Press HOME key as you see the CTM screen).

Hi bequick.
Could you please tell me the details of your system?
Which version are you using before update? Is it RC?
Updater will not remove any snapshots. They should stay in your hard disk.
Please contact with me. I will help you to resolve the problem and get the snapshots back.
Send mail to me, or add me to your MSN contact list.
I PMed my contact info to you just now.

Thanks for your support.

Great! This is just excellent.

Updater on Vista SP2 went smoothly, I really like the free space figure showing, I could see the change after deleting unlocked. No problems here so far. :-TU