COMODO Time Machine 2.0.112674.133 BETA Released!

LOL. It’s a brave new world, isn’t it?!?

Mounting a drive is somewhat like the virtual CD drives that appear when you use a drive emulator like Daemon Tools or CD-Space (if you’re framiliar with those).

Ewen :slight_smile:

Ummm— nope lol Closest thing to it was when I used to run a RAMDISK with my old Coleco ADAM (which still works) and I think I did it in DOS too way back when.

I tried the beta but I think I’m gonna let you guys test it out and maybe get it back when it’s a released product, or when it’s part of CIS 4 ;D

is it compatible with disk deframenters?

like O&O defrag, puran defrag, … etc

is it compatible with disk deframenters?

I’ve had no issue so far with O&O, Auslogics and the standard Widnows defragger.

Ewen :slight_smile:

I've had no issue so far with O&O, Auslogics and the standard Widnows defragger.

it is good. rollback rx and its clones have got problem with defraggers.

comodo time machine looks like clone (with different gui) rollback rx. i think because first screenshot has same icons with eaz-fix.

is it completely different? or enchanced/rebranded rollback rx?

Of course, they are different. :slight_smile:


Yes, CTM can protect multiple hard disks, however Roolback rx can protect only one , it’s a great improvement. BTW: CTM is free, ;D ;D

rollback rx is a good software, but it has many issures. some hdd speed problems. defrag problems.
some killdisk and mbr viruses can damage rollback rx protected sysyems

i hope comodo time machine will be better than rollback rx and clones. i believe comodo :slight_smile:

Great.:)) This time, i will PROBABLY wait till it’s officially released. :slight_smile:

Installed this earlier on Vista SP2 32bit and no issues apparent so far.This could potentially be an awesome bit of kit. :-TU

well done comdo team !! since i am rollback RX / eaz fix frick for long time (3 years) , i will test this new CTM ! and see what its made off!! >:-D

after some time


after install CTM and play with it , i can confirm that it a clone of eaz fix / rollback RX ( and that awesome) , its run smooth np here on my xp sp3 system!

good work once a gain comod team ! looking forward to see CTM became final :wink:


how much HD space needed in drive c:\ (CTM installed there) in order to install CTM? rollback RX need about 50% of the current free space to work properly

cheers :slight_smile:

Just a quick question before I’ll mess my machine. :smiley:
I have Seven x64 installed on a SSD which is managed by MFT. Time Machine is able to work with my SSD partitions (two partitions, one small genuine NTFS and one large NTFS emulated by MFT) or I’m among with those few unlucky guys who belongs to this category?

* CTM is NOT compatible with any disk utilities
Sadly I guess the answer but I have a tiny-tiny hope that I'm wrong. :D

Hi Egemen

Are there any future plans for CTM to work in this configuration? (Windows and others OS’s). When CTM is integrated into CIS, will I have the same problem?


In the future, yes. It will start with MAC OS and HP_UX though. However, not very soon. When CTM is integrated with CIS, it will not be seamles integration. You will not be able to use CTM feature i am afraid but you will still be able to use CIS.

The thing is the second operating system can damage the CTM data if CTM is not installed on it.

I’m a bit confused…when CTM will be integrated with CIS, it won’t work properly?

He was saying it will not work in the configuration that Graham1 has.

If the environment is NOT suitable for CTM, it will not be activated and hence wont be able to be used.

Will there be an option to opt out of using CTM even if the environment is suitable for it?

Does not support AHCI? That means i will never can use it?