Comodo telemetry task

Telemetry… Isn’t that about to collect data and send it somewhere?
Why is this running on my pc? What kind of data collected? Where my data going to?

Task is still running on reboot even if you disable or delete it.
I don’t like the situation and want to have an option to disable this totally.

Dear Melih and all the Comodo team, please, give us an option to turn it off? Thanks!

Hi z0mbak,
If you have data consent check box de-selected, data is not sent.


Hi, Umesh!

Thanks for reply. Sure, the checkbox is deselected, but task is still running. Why do we need a task if data won’t be sent?

It is a scheduled job, executed by Windows on defined interval.
When executed, it checks data consent settings and if data consent is there, it sends data and if check box is de-selected, no data sent and it exits.

Hiya, Umesh!
Would then you kindly tell us why files (with deselected checkbox), with such naming scheme: “cmdinstall.exe_17-11-09_21.27.47.log.7z”,
are appearing time after time inside the temp folder?
Why such files even created? Do CIS uploading (if got an a permission (default settings for example)) these files somewhere?

That seems log file created during installation.
This is for diagnostic purposes and is not uploaded. We request this from user if he runs into any installation / update issue.

Hey, Umesh! Many thanks for answers, clarifications, etc.
That way, or another, i don’t like the subject and looking forward for more options to control how my privacy is treated (especially by Comodo).

It would be nice if the task can disappear from scheduled tasks same as Automatic Update and Database update after they are unchecked in main Comodo options. Very suspicious and sloppy.

This task COMODO CMC {06A09C0F-DD9C-4191-A670-71115CD78627}, started from dd/mm/yy - 12/5/2017 at 8:54 p.m. and is running every hour.

This task (COMODO CMC) is starting msginfo32 and consuming between 43% and 51% of my CPU for 15 minutes every hour.

I edited the task and changed it to only 1 (one) time once a day, however, when I turn the computer off and turn on again, the
task returns to run every 1 hour.

How do I prevent the task from running again every hour after I make the change?

I edit the task and change the execution rule to once a day, however when I turn it off and I turn on the computer, the rule runs again every hour.

see image attached


team will check and get back.

Ok umesh …

but I’m very annoyed at what Comodo does. I work with video editing and this is causing me delays in delivering my products to clients.

It’s now 6:00 PM and I’m still here suffering to be able to do my service in time to deliver to the client I have today!.. see other image.


You can delete the scheduled task while we investigate.

Can you please try to disable settings as shown in enclosed snap and see if cpu usage still goes high?


the option to delete the task works, however when restarting the micro it will appear again in the Windows Task Scheduler. This option is slightly better than the option to change the rules of the task because when we change the rules, they return a few minutes later. When we exclude the task, it only returns when we reboot the machine… see image 01 - delete Task and image 02 - after delete task

PS. attention to the Last run time column in image 02; when we exclude the task and restart the micro, this column returns with the date 1999 and the hour 00:00:00.

the option to disable sending of information has greatly improved CPU usage.


  • It is important to check the question of not being able to make at least changes to the rules of the comodo task;

  • It would be interesting for you to change the policy of using taks that collect information to run once a day, so you would have information and we users would not
    be harmed by the constant and excessive use of our PCs;

  • But, the main problem here is we users can not change a Comodo Task that is causing slowness in the system.

PS. I would like to know if I can include the same behavior that is occurring with the Comodo Telemetry Task in this same post or I have to open a new post?. See
image 03 - telemetry task


hi Picandalo,
The behavior you experienced is not expected.

We are investigating and may come back to you if any additional information is needed.

Thank you for all the patience.


hi umesh,
Task ran again every 1 hour.

I unselect the send option for statistics as you had suggested but the COMODO returned this option to select automatically !! ???
This is very strange behavior!.. And my computer has not even been restarted.

see attached image


Hi Picandalo,

Task would run but won’t do any activity as long as you have option de-selected.

Should not happen. Did you ensure that you pressed OK after you de-selected option?



Yes. I will deactivate it again to save a print of the screen, if it returns automatically, I will send the disable screen to you.

My user opinion, i think that Tasks collecting information should be run only once a day

… so, i will continue to wait for the resolution regarding user not being able to make a change in Tasks Comodo


Hi Picandalo,
We have added it in into internal task list where Comodo should not make any changes in scheduled task after it has been created.
So your expectation is reasonable.

We will address it in next releases.


OK emesh…

…as I told you in the previous post about disabling the option to send statistics information … this option has reactivated automatically again !!!

see attached image

very strange!