COMODO System Cleaner Wishlist V1

Please post what you would like to see in upcoming versions of COMODO System Cleaner.



EDIT: Updated title from Comodo Windows Tweaker to COMODO System Cleaner as per the rebranding.

File Pending Delete

In this tool, I’d like to be able to browse folders that normally aren’t accessible for different reasons. The best example I have is the folder System Volume Information, which is available on all NTFS partitions.

You can browse System Volume Information in CIS/Defense+ (e.g. adding files to My Blocked Files), and you can browse System Volume Information with the FileASSASSIN tool in Malwarebytes’ Anti-Malware. However, you can’t access the folder in CWT - File Pending Delete.

This is something I think could be useful, because loads of data (I recently deleted 200 MB on a partition thanks to Malwarebytes’ Anti-Malware) are created in System Volume Information, despite that you have turned off Windows System Restore. This will save disk space and you can delete possibly malicious files.



I would like to see the ability to restore individual registry entries that have been previously removed, rather than having to restore all the entries that were removed after a registry scan on a particular date. If a program fails to perform properly after a registry scan has removed registry entries, there will usually only be a very few registry entries that need to be restored for the program to work properly again. If a list of the registry entries is available after clicking on a particular registry scan date, then you should be able to selectively choose which entries to restore, based on what registry entries refer to the program that is no longer working properly. Then all the truly invalid registry entries would not need to be restored. This would be similar to the registry entries that are individually listed after a registry scan, so that specific registry entries can be moved to the ignore list before removal of all the other remaining entries.

I would like to see a free space shredder that does the job faster than what is currently out there. Webroot has a free space shredder that does slack space as well but it takes forever to do a 100+GB drive!.. :THNK

Right Click Recycle Bin > Run Privacy Cleaner & Disk Cleaner



I would love to see a one button/click clean up with CSC. Also I would like to see a defrag (perhaps I missed that, not sure) and a time system start up would be nice. By that I mean, being able to set up the start up so you can set up 5 or 10 seconds for each program to start up instead of all of them starting all at one time. Then you can assure that AV’s and firewalls start up first. Create a warning to come up when a “unsafe” entry in the registry cleaner has been clicked and explains in detail what could happen if that registry is deleted, or grey out the unsafe registries. With the system information tab, tell how many Kb’s of mem the program is using. I think that is about it. Other then those this is one of the most comprehensive system cleaners/tune up utilities I have ever used.


Enterprise support. This would be meant for a commercial release, separate from the free version. It would enable to ability to mass install it and to monitor and control it on dozens, even hundreds of clients from a central console.

super cookie cleaning.

detection and deletion of ANY so-called permanent file stored locally on a computer, whether it is an sql based flash settings file or drm nonsense.

A feature like the one included in Windows Washer, to clean browser and internet history when browser closes. I see several programs that offer this at Windows strart up, but I find the Windows Washer feature very useful and would like a similar feature available in this program.

Or if Comodo is kind, a free enterprise version, doesn’t affect me much, though.

  • the cleaner needs more programs
  • the disk space explorer needs more usability, I mean the graph does not contains any percentage and there are to many colours when there are a lot of files and scrolling in a tiny place is not very user friendly
  • the start-up manager is really not user friendly… there is needs more information about the program and if the program is important or not…
  • the benchmark test does not give much info… I mean what do the values represent? I mean I do not know what all those number mean…
  • visual styler needs to support more stuff, I mean like themes and skins and stuff… How about some build in themes to start off with…
  • also there needs to be more heplinks in the program, like what does this do and that…
  • The gui really needs to be more different… I mean more integrated and more like 1 product…
  • Also I do not find this a really good program if we talk about usability, I mean there is not much info about what each component exactly does en why and what the consequences are of certain actions…

Please take a really good look at tune up utilities 2009, that is a really good and user friendly program… this program does not come close to that…

Sorry for sounding like a ■■■■, but I just think this program needs a lot of modifications before it is noob proof…

By the way your cleaners do a great job in scanning… but sometimes when it cannot clean stuff it gives a dialog box and when there are many files it can not clean (because they are in use for example) the dialog box keeps popping, so it is better to have some kind of "remember this"option…

I agree on most points as well…it is not very user friendly and there is still no free space shredder! As well there should be a one click ‘tune up’ button.

just my 2 cents! (:NRD)

I think there is still a better way to address the “unsafe to delete” entries.
My wish on how to improve this issue is posted here.

Comodo System cleaner 1.0.59482.18

Registry cleaner
When mouse hovered over entry, show reason entry selected for inclusion in list
Provide details on what this registry entry would normally be used for

Disk cleanup
Wish list
Create hierarchy view for each different folder not just the top level names
this will provide a quick way to select/deselect chunks of results
allow multiple selections to be selected/deselected - shift and ctrl click


I’d like a right-click context menu manager! :BNC

Haven’t checked CSC recently but here are some ideas I hope are already included or might be considered for the future.

  1. Registry Repair very rarely means “Repair” but most often deleting corrupted or non needed registry keys. Sometimes keys need to be “replaced or repaired” rather than just deleted. Possibly Comodo could use CSC to compare registry keys and when needed replace keys “that can be replaced”.
    The problem here is versions and Service Packs ! Not only of the OS but of the magnitude of different Program Files available

  2. Anxious to check file cleaning, some programs just use the file cleaning that comes with the OS.
    I use several, AFF-Cleaner, CleanUp by Steven R. Gould, Ccleaner, EasyCleaner by Toni Arts, and I always finish with MRU Blaster,

Suprised how often broken links, and orphan filels are found.

  1. One program I use once in a while is called Find Junk Files, mainly to delete Empty Folders (more are deleted in safe mode.) But because of possible problems I always check XP’s Tool Check for Errors and then reboot. To this point this procedure has not failed me.
    Each user may have different results.
    Also have used find broken links similar results as EasyCleaner

But have NOT used Find Junk Files portion of the program.
There are TOO many text, readme, thumb.db, log files etc., there is a great possibility a neccesary file will be deleted.

  1. CSC might be able to fine tune Find Duplicate files.
    One of the problems is that with Multiple users some files can be linked and sometimes they cannot. To delete the wrong ones get a user in trouble. And some files are found under different names, but are they identical?

IF CSC could offer a selective scan for photos, music, etc and can scan content regardless of name then compare eliminate duplicates but provide a link when multiple users setup is used, would help.

Since I only have one computer, I will be waiting for the next CSC release.
Hard to believe I have had this computer 10 years crashed it a lot more than just several times and used InPlace Upgrade to get me back up and running.
Need to do a major reformat and reinstall but have gigs of music and photos, to also be included in the backup.
Just acquired a larger HD, plan to partition and copy files from my original HD. But I still see there will be time before I have a fresh system again.


This post may lead to another topic but thought this was as close to its purpose. O.S. Repair

I have been using a program called Dial A Fix and it it has helped, especially with Windows Installer and Windows UPdater and problems with WMI / WBEM
But I do have problems part of which is my version does not support XP Sp3 and with all the crashes I know several items might be missing.

Looks like the author might be working again on Dial a Fix again part time on weekends, and evenutally he will be working on a Vista version but eventually means at his schedule over time.

With this posting Forums - Lunarsoft Forums

I wondered what company other than Comodo might offer the support with his wishes?

There are many things that it can do, but many improvements needed inlcuding Vista Support.


Right Click Option To “Securely Delete File With Current Format”

Right Click Option To “Wipe Folder/File With Default Format”
Able to change the Current/ Defaults


  1. power buttons
  2. 1 click optimizer
  3. free space wiping
  4. no bugs… (:WIN)
  5. more user friendly!..maybe advanced mode and simple mode?

At one time it was mentioned to add a disk defragmenter. That is a useful tool that complements a registry cleaner.