COMODO System Cleaner vs. CCleaner vs. Revo Uninstallar

At the present time for cleaning my PC i use CCleaner and Revo Uninstallar. I’m thinking of using COMODO System Cleaner but am unsure of the differance between the three ??? If you have experance with the 3 programs listed could you give your opinion of the pros n cons of them.

Thank you for your time 8)

Well for one CCleaner and CSC are different programs than Revo (registry cleaners vs uninstaller). I have used CCleaner but it ■■■■■■■ my registry up, that being said I have heard many people who really like it. CSC is currently on my PC and I have used it a few times, so far so good. I use Revo as my uninstaller and I personally wouldn’t use anything else. BTW, with any registry altering software you should use caution if you aren’t well versed in how your system works. I haven’t got time at the moment to go into much detail but I hope that helped a bit! :slight_smile:

Hi Watasha

Be VERY carefull with CSC i,ve had BIG problems with the program on 4 different pc’s, bsod, broken printerdrivers (hp, epson,canon), startuploops, sudden windows lockups and more, so i don’t use it anymore.

I have used various reg/cleaners from windows 95(regclean,regcleaner,pct registry mechanic,jv powertools lite tune up utilities, norton systemworks etc.) till now and NEVER encountered (serious) problems with them exept for CSC. :o

Ccleaner is a great little program and is very mild/safe and not that thorough on the registry and better in cleaning disk space than registry cleaning.
i think it’s a must have tool for everyday cleaning.

i’ve never used revo uninstaller so i can’t comment on that.

I suggest Glary utilities (free) i use it +/- 2 years now and it’s pretty good, there is a uninstaller that is more thorough than the standard windows software removal, reg.cleaner and reg. compacter, start up manager whith delay abillity etc.
it also makes automatic backups of everything it removes so it is quite save to use.(never had problems with it)

from time to time i also use system cleanup because it completely removes the uninstallers for windows updates and not only the registry entry’s like ccleaner does.
it’s only 539 KB “big” ;D
you can check it out here : (be suprised how much junk it removes the first time you use it even if you use other cleaners on a regular basis)

btw. every diskcleaner will find things to remove that the other doesn’t (even after a cleanup with csc if your pc is still working >:-D :stuck_out_tongue: ;))

to make the story complete i use puran defrag (free) on some pc’s ( i also use perfectdisk paid)Puran Defrag Download imo.till so far the next best thing after perfectdisk ( better than jkdefrag,defraggler,auslogics, O&O)
hope this helps

Daaf :wink:

What really confuses me is “Why do people make statements when they do not have all the facts ???”
Maybe i should have given more info so as not to confuse anyone. I am thinking about using CSC but i have heard more bad than good about it. I have used CCleaner for over 3 years for system and registry cleaning with no problems ever. I also use “Revo uninstaller” for cleaning stuff that CCleaner misses as well as an uninstaller

@ Watasha: Don’t let the name “Revo Uninstaller” confuse you. It is also a very good system cleaner.

@ daaf: I also have heard bad things about CSC thats why i’m seeking more info about it here. I agree that CCleaner “it’s a must have tool for everyday cleaning” As well as Revo Uninstaller. As for the links you provided i’ll chk em out thanks. Heres the link for Revo n i do recomend it for both cleaning and uninstalling

I understand the Revo thing, I have used it for quite some time now. I choose to use other, more specialized, programs other than Revo for the other stuff, to each his own. As I said before I currently use CSC and I personally like it better than other registry cleaners, lets hope I can continue to say this in the future. I agree with the Glarys Utilities observation, I’ve used it a bit and have no complaints so far. I don’t know what you’re looking for other than our “opinions” on the product, I thought that’s what this is about. You can find more info on CSC in the part of the forum dedicated to CSC. I don’t have specs right here, maybe someone else does. From what I understand some think it is more aggressive than others but it worked for me and CCleaner made a mess when I tried it. I guess a product is only as good as it was the last time you used it huh?

Well yes CCleaner has gone through many many changes since you last used it. I recomend you try iy out again.

They all have their uses which is why I use them all, so until CSC gets the same features as CCleaner then I will continue to use all 3 instead of 2, and so on and so on…

any features that you think should be in CSC that others have, pls tell us what those are so that we can get them in asap.

thank you


I do believe I’ve already stated that on the ‘wishlist’ Melih, but thanks for listening and taking the time to reply to this thread :slight_smile:

indeed, you have…

just making sure to capture everyone’s wishes… we are here to serve you guys! Your happiness is our success!


If I read corectly i believe that CSC is still beta and many ppl have had problems with it so for now im not going to use it

CSC (Comodo System Cleaner) has a public version, CCS (Comodo Cloud Scanner) is the one still in beta.


hmmmm ??? by the looks of the 2 pix i’ve included it does look like COMODO System Cleaner is in beta. Can you see my confusion where it shows beta lol

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I really wish for CSC to have a gaming mode… A mode that can be switched off and on, that freezes and or closes unneeded services and programs… to give the game more RAM and CPU. It would also allow you to drop a game into CSC so that CSC could boost the games speed… (give it higher CPU priority, allow it to use more RAM instead of Page File…, etc…)


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lol what the heck are you talking about ??? We are talking here about CSC NOT CCS
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