COMODO System Cleaner vs. CCleaner vs. Revo Uninstallar

I ■■■■■■■ up put CCS in where CSC should have been!


Will fix it.

Besides Melih said:

Sorry but it still look the same. It say “Beta” for CSC ???

@ “Omeletguy” hey no problem. Now that it say CSC & not CCS it makes sence :slight_smile: It’s all good eh

hehe, lets say it was the lack of sleep due to the party for Canada Wining, that made to mix it all up…

Are you referring to tbe ‘Beta Corner’ Topic seen under CSC head? That thread is currently in ‘closed’ position. Whenever a new version is introduced, that is tested under this thread, so that stable version thread is not flooded with reports of Beta, giving inconvenience to regular stable version users.

If you are referring CSC as beta because of that thread, I think you need to also refer all Comodo Products are beta, as under each (as far as I remember) product has this Beta Corner thread, which is activated whenever a beta is released and all the bugs are reported under this thread while the regular stable bugs (if any) are reported in the usual thread.

Currently you can see that CIS has two separate topics. CIS 3.14 which is in the main thread and CIS 4 beta is active under beta corner there.

HEY with that said “We all got little sleep that night eh”

@ “layman” o ok i c now lol. i got an eye exam set for today lol that might help prevent this type of blunder in the future

Happy to know that I could clear the doubt. Have a nice day.