Comodo System Cleaner - Comparison

Comodo System Cleaner - Comparison



Whoa. I’ve always used CCleaner as my registry cleaner. Then I started using CRC, but I didn’t know the difference was that great!

Thanks for posting the comparison.

c’mon the difference can’t really be THIS BIG? :open_mouth:

oh well, i’ll just have to run a scan to see it with my own eyes…

another question…How does this fair against tuneUP’s 2008 regcleaner?

another question...How does this fair against tuneUP's 2008 regcleaner?
That would be an unfair comparison ;D. CRC is one of the greatest registry cleaners I've ever seen. But I really want to know how it fared against Registry Easy, which has never let me down before :)

:■■■■ Great Job Comodo, keep going like that :■■■■

Xan :■■■■

Thanks Melih!

Nice comparisson!! Great job in offering the best registry cleaner!! :BNC (:CLP)


well I can tell you this for sure. Once you guys straighten out the compact issue, this will be the best registry cleaner around

we will try to add more comparisons guys…
this is what we could manage so far but we will continue to add more…


Thanks Melih, it’s a great thing. :-TU

I guess another comparison could be this beast. ;D


Excellent! :-TU


The CCleaner reg cleaner is very basic.
If COMODO could build something like CCleaner but use CRC in place of ccleaner’s reg cleaner that would be one great utility.


lets see if we can get you that in few weeks :slight_smile:


Basic is grand. I love simple things and easy to use. Comodo products are fantastic. It concerns me the quality is so great with there products. I will even dare to say 1 of the best if not best freebie stuff security wise for home users. They might start charging for all this stuff down the line. I just took this program out for a spin and noticed right away my pc being more snappy.

Thanks for the feedback KoRn.

There are many confusions out there thinking that removing one or two registry will speed up the computer. The issue is not one or two registry entries but one or two “problem” registry entries that could be causing the system behave less than optimum. By eliminating these bottlenecks you elimate the delays you are facing hence notice the speed up. There are so many applications out there who leave things behind that causes your PC to behave in a non-optimum way and Registry cleaning is one of getting rid off that.

We do have a file cleaner coming very soon too! This will clean up all your temp files etc etc to keep your computer in top shape!

Its important for us to help you have a “healthy”, “efficient”, “secure” and “TRUSTED” computing session!


I too would like to see a comparison of CRC and TuneUp 2008.
Any ‘fair’ comparison must include as many out there as possible that are currently being used.
(sorry, I use TuneUp 2008 as my registry cleaner).

of course we will try to do as many as we can… however you can always test it yourself!

Go ahead and run both applications to see which one detects more! (you don’t have to clean it so no change will be made but you will simply see who will detect more).


Whoa Nellie. Don’t get me wrong, I think CRC has the potential to be a great product. But to compare it to other registry cleaners purely on the basis of number of “invalid” entries is just wrong. I’ve used many registry cleaners, some of which would easily find two to three times the number of “invalid” entries as CRC. Unfortunately, removing these would result in having to reinstall the OS. With any registry cleaner the bottom line is safety, not how many entries it finds. CRC found 305 “safe to remove” problems with my registry. Cleaning them left my HP all-in-one nonfunctional. Fortunately, the CRC backup restore function returned things to normal. Rerunning CRC and un-checking all HP entries then running the cleaner seemed to speed up my computer a bit. I think to be a great registry cleaner CRC needs to concentrate more on safety and less on number of errors found.

This is very important feedback for Comodo as CRC really aims to be a safe reg-cleaner. Any chance you could post more details (preferably in a new topic)? Were those HP entries considered by CRC as safe or unsafe to remove? Thank you.


CRC: found 83 errors

Argente Registry Cleaner: found 217 errors

CRC may be good\safe, but after cleaning, others still find basic errors, like items refering to removed programs or files. In other words, there is still room for improved detection for CRC.

Is there anyway of adding RegSeeker to your comparison test? I’ve used a number of reg cleaners, including RegScrubXP and CCleaner and found RegSeeker to be the better.

Will test it against CCleaner, Ace Utilites (it has a registry cleaning function, but I basically use it for its nice start-up manager) and RegSeeker. :wink:


EDIT: Okay, here’s the results:

CRC 41

RegSeeker 34

Ace Utilities 2

CCleaner 1

The 41 entries found by CRC weren’t found by the others. 19 of the detected entries were flagged as ‘unsafe’, and couldn’t be deleted.
Couldn’t test the compact feature though… :smiley: