COMODO System-Cleaner 3 wishlist


Please post what you would like to see in upcoming releases of COMODO System-Cleaner 3.

Support for “non-standard” font sizes. I just installed and attempted to run this, and was greeted by an error followed by a message saying that it only supports 96dpi or 120dpi. (I have my system set to 110% - 106dpi).

The GUI opened - but was so badly dis-arranged that I had a difficult time trying to do anything with it.

A better duplicate files cleaner!

Some features I’d like to see:
-Ability to compare two sets of files between each other, but not looking for duplicates WITHIN the sets

eg: Compare Set 1 (Folders X and Y) with Set 2 (Folders A, B and C) such that if file document.doc is in Folders X and B it is returned as a result, but not if document.doc is only in Folders B and C.

-Ability to compare two sets and then batch delete according to set

eg: Compare Sets 1 and 2, and then batch delete any results from Set 2 but keep results from Set 1.

-Ability to sort results by file path, file type etc.

-Ability to easily batch-select

-When selecting folders to scan, a taller folder browser - currently it is very short and fiddly to use with lots of scrolling needed

-Perhaps automatically selecting the current user’s folder, since that’s likely to be the most useful for casual use and less likely to result in accidentally deleting program files

It’s a fantastic utility and I’d love to see it become even more useful! I have many haphazard “back ups” I’m trying to merge so that I can do proper back ups, and this program has been wonderful for finding the many many copies of important uni and photo files I’ve made over the years and then never cleaned up. It’s just very very tedious clicking through hundreds of files!!


It would be truly nice to have a way to set a default folder for the wipe option, with an option to erase or NOT erase that particular folder during the process.

This recommendation comes as a result of it being very time consuming to have to browse all the way down to a sub-folder or even much deeper within MY Documents for instance.

As a work around, I have created a temporary folder on the primary drive for trash removal, and erase files from there - but I wonder sometimes what be left of the original file and location. Perhaps someone could answer that question as well as consider a “go to” marker such as a favorites marker.

Respectfully ~

A portable version must be maintained. It is extremely important.


I like the idea of having profiles but I (personally) think the GUI could be simplified further. Rather than having a section for each profile, you could have a full list of applications detected and then colour code which items would be removed under each application. Under this list would be 3 buttons (colour coded to match) so you would know what items were being removed. Hope the above makes sense.


I would like to see great reg and disk defrag

I would like to see one schedule interface for all instruments.
I didn’t find how to change filter entries for created profile. It must be!
Advances settings for shredder and secure delete missing!
Users should can to clean recent feedbacks.
UI is very slow and often craches.
Automatic backup deletion should be.

Hope this is a simple request, Many times besides cleaning or defragging in normal mode I like to it again in Safe Mode. Some programs work well in both regular and Safe Mode and others will not.

There are also things that be can be done in Safe Mode that could not be done in Regular Mode, and sometimes a program can be modified in Safe Mode when it shouldn’t be.

Add a Safe Mode Option,



I have been using CSC for more than a year now and I like it, however there could be so much more to CSC. Following is my Wishlist for some extra features and tools that can come handy:

  • Program Uninstaller to throughly clean the system of all the registries, files and folders that are left behind by the Softwares’ built-in uninstallers
  • Registry Defrag and Disk Defrag
  • A tool to check for Disk Errors - should be able to find and fix.
  • A control to speed up system Startup and Shutdown by disabling unnecessary startup programs and services.
  • A utility tool to manage Windows appearance, like creating and changing Logon Screen, Changing System themes, fonts etc
  • And a Portable Version

Basically instead of having different software installed on my PC I would like to see only one which does all the above and perhaps more… merge Comodo Backup and Comodo Programs manager into CSC.

I have made the above suggestions by comparing and using some other Products which offer so much more than just ‘System Cleaner’. And I hope to see these functions added to CSC in the future updates. And with all these added features and tools CSC could be renamed as Comodo System Maintenance. ;D


option to delete old system restore points like ccleaner this helps clear up a lot space.

Yes Old System Restore Points!


Registry/Disk Defrag (@ boot up too)
I would like a portable version as well :slight_smile: even if you have to install the service and remove the service once you are done with app :stuck_out_tongue:

Also; On people with 800x600 (vice versa) it would be nice to be able to see :slight_smile:

Eh, have an option to actually search and remove all .tmp .log files on logical drives,

Oh! Integrate CSC into CPM and CTM and CBU :stuck_out_tongue: Please?



There will be registry defrag in new version…
i want to see disk defrag also :stuck_out_tongue:

Thank you for all your great feedback. We will go through them all and see what we can add in future versions.

Support for all DPI sizes will be added in a future version.

Many of the features you have requested are on their way.

We will come up with a way of simplifying things a bit in a future major version.

Have any news about release time of the next version?

@wiseyu…check the following facebook page of comodo ( via google ) roundtheclock…there you will see the future of the csc , also you can click the tab in your csc giu : ‘’ ONE TO RULE THEM ALL…‘’
greetz barry

Decreasing the CPU usage would be better, because it is eating up my cpu frequently.

this is already being worked on

Jumplist support, as CCleaner has it.

Good idea. We will add this in a future version.