COMODO System Cleaner 1.0.60093.19 update released!


This update version suffered several changes. We are sorry that at this moment is not available for download on the official website. It will take a little bit longer for the site to update itself, but we didn’t want you wait any longer for this update.

We recommend you to uninstall the previous version before installing this one.

To download it please follow these links:

32bit version
MD5: AEEA9603E53ECE2B9195141C9F1F8A99
SHA1: 630A4B6A0BFB594A5FBAF186AC351352C6C98023

64bit version
MD5: 5984AD652995F5C04DA52ABEB55FA193
SHA1: F6A5CFEDBA972300300FBC5375902A1A4531F2C2

Andrei I am not sure which to download, is one for 32bit and one for 64?

Change log Andrei? Thanks. (:AGL)

James, 1st one is for 32 bit, 2nd one is for 64 bit (you’ll see it in the end of the address).


Nice new release :slight_smile:

changed the post a little so it reflects the 32/64bit better


Thanks it didn’t show on my screen.

OK, anyhow, now you know. :slight_smile:


No problem, enjoy the new version !


The previous problems I had are gone now.


Is it feasible to try this yet? For Normal users like me?

Well, normally most of the bugs should be ironed out now, so I guess, yes


I found a bug, read my post:

I would hold off as there are still bugs not yet ironed out for some machines!

Aw, Visual Styler is gone?

but thats ok i guess still a great program :slight_smile:

Keep up the good work Comodo


It is? Then I’ll stay with my older version. :’(

temporarily its gone… it was causing stability issues…CSC has enough features to make it one of the best if not the best window cleaner. We just want to work on ironing out bugs and make it rock solid stable…


Hi again Melih, just ran latest CSC, good stuff, attempted a full registry clean out approx 240 errors (mostly unsafe errors indicated), 2 known errors of those 240, I backed up prior to clean within CSC registry cleaner (smart move) marked performance improvement although Sideslide and my system tray, start button and QTTabbar wouldn’t reload after a couple reboots I restarted in safe mode and restored this registry clean out from within the CSC restore and then rebooted (in full confidence) everything is fine and back to normal, no sweat, but unsafe entries are a watchout for as as indicated in the incorporated help file although unchecked to clean by default somebody without computer prowness could literally panic after a through cleaning if they decide to tempt fate by checking them for cleanup, other than this minor episode it’s KUDOS :-TU :-TU
Cheers :BNC :Beer

Oh ok. When will it be back? ;D

don’t have an exact date tbh…



Could you tell me about when? ;D Nah, you don’t have to. It might get me impatient or disappointed. :slight_smile:

Is it stable so I can run it on my main PC (Vista HP 32bit) With out things going wrong?