COMODO System Cleaner 1.0.60093.19 update released!

I’d advise you not to run it on your main PC, if you really want to see it run it on a test machine.

There are still a lot of bugs in it.
And, when running the registry cleaner, don’t remove the “Unsafe entries to remove”, or whatever sounds similar. :slight_smile:

Also remember to review what settings are checked before doing anything, because sometimes it deletes your browses favorites and other important things.

I’ll stick with ccleaner for the moment and wait till more bugs are fixed

I just run a scan with a big surprise:
The Registy Cleaner shows 284 entries from the Commode Frirewall Pro Configurations
Configuration\0\Firewall\Policy and Configuration\0\HIPS\Policy
see attacht picture.

Does this delete all my configurations?

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I get some of these “Comodo Firewall Pro” entries also when I run Comdo Registry Cleaner (CRC).
To experiment, I deleted the entries, re-ran CRC to make sure they were deleted completely (& no longer detected). I then opened CIS and opened the Network security policy window. I made no changes, but clicked “apply” and then closed CIS. I then re-ran CRC and, presto! the same registry entires were back again.
Honestly, I am not sure what they are, But it makes no sense to me why CRC should be detecting or deleting anything from CIS.
What’s up with this?


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