Comodo site doesn't list CIS

ok guys, thats it, right?

on the front page there is no information (even some hidden info) about comodo antivírus or internet security free… there is nothing regardless these products, like if they dont even exist… I guess thats it… > For Home > Internet Security (PC) points to free CIS. > Free Firewall.

Or even better, grab CIS from the Offline Installer (Selecting Custom install will let you uncheck AV/FW modules upon your preferences).

Main Comodo website seems to be a work in progress (for quite a few years now).

i know where to grab the installers but this lack of any kind of infos about these softwares on the main page shows me that comodo doesnt care anymore about cis…

Easy enough to find . . . under Home or at the bottom of the page under Home and Business

oh now i see…

there are 7 links to somethng related to antivirus, some are links to blog posts, some are links to the comodo antivirus page… none about cis and no informations about what in fact are these links… just “trowed links” at the botton of the site… this shows how comodo is handling the cis software. its a sad approach… so, the question remaisn the same, comod doesnt care anymore about the free softwares.

If I’m not mistaken the main Comodo website is being handled by a 3rd Party Marketing/Web Agency located in Clifton. Mistakes are expected to happen.

I simply gave up long ago in trying to find the Free CIS Package at main Comodo website, just try doing as I suggested in my prior post. They are not going to discontinue CIS, it’s just that the main website is a complete mess, and the people hired by Comodo seem to be unable to fix it up…

Comodo > For Home > Comodo Internet Security . . . . Best Internet Security Software 2022 | Antivirus Total Security. It can’t be much simpler than that

Quite true…
They still claim that latest Comodo Firewall is compatible with Windows XP, sigh.

Im at right now. There is no “For Home” option on the main site… In fact, there are no infos about comodo security softwares related to consumers, only it management and things like that… its a disaster.

No one cares if its an thrid party company handling comodo site. Its comodo site. Its the main place for comodo products, and there is no info about comodo products like av or cis… real good, right? great indication of the interest of the company on these products…

I’d check your browser extensions or settings. This what looks like in Firefox, Opera, Dragon, Edge etc.

I am at right now, from opera updated x64 without extentions (i dont use any 3rd party). Im at work. The same page appears when im at home.

In addition to Ploget’s screen capture I’ve created another one which might be more clear.
The link works even when using an old FireFox browser.

Hi victorlopes,

From your screenshots, that appears to be an ’ older ’ version of the website.

Have you cleared your cache to make sure you are not ’ viewing ’ an cached copy of the site ?

Hi victorlopes,

If you don’t have the URL of what you’re looking for the easiest is to use a search engine.

With it’s easy to find the right URL

i have the habit of cleanning the browser cache every time i stop using it. so, my browser is clean, no cache or left overs. tried in 3 different internet providers, one from my work, one from m y home and the 3rd from another place via vpn. all of these 3 places the comodo main page showed is that one from the screenshots. I dont know if its related but im from Brazil.

anyway, there is no excuses for this situation. how can an company not promote, not show, not talk about an product and ask me to beleave that the product is maintained? there is no informations regardless comodo intrnet security nor comodo antivirus in the front page of the “company” comodo. this is disrespectful with the consumers.

There is indeed something odd going on with Comodo Home page…

I’ve used TOR browser and tried to access with different “New Tor Circuits for this Site” and “New Identity” to change country origin, here are some results:

New Circuit : France - France - Sweden → Shows wrong Comodo home page.
Vew Circuit : France - Germany - Germany → Shows wrong Comodo home page.
New Circuit : France - Germany - Germany → Shows correct Comodo home page. (? ? ?)
New Circuit : France - France - Germany → Shows wrong Comodo home page.
New Circuit : France - Romania - United Sates → Shows correct Comodo home page.
New Circuit : France - Unknown - Unknown → Shows correct Comodo home page.
New Circuit : France - Norway - Netherlands → Shows correct Comodo home page.
New Circuit : France - Netherlands - Switzerland-> Shows wrong Comodo home page.
New Circuit : France - Spain - Germany → Shows wrong Comodo home page.
New Circuit : France - Luxembourg - Germany → Shows wrong Comodo home page.

Clearly something is not right with Comodo Home page across different servers.

Yeah, but its like that for about atleast 8 months…

That’s no good to say the least.

I’m not sure whether you have TOR browser installed but can you reproduce more or less the same results on your end?

im not going to install tor on my machine to test a problem made by comodo. they have to test it and solve it, or be transparent about comodo antivirus and cis, if theyre going to abandon it or not.

Point taken, it was only a suggestion.

Please know that Comodo provides CIS for free. The least we can do is to provide our feedback, as you did, to help them.