COMODO SafeSurf Toolbar [INFO]

Yes! Comodo SafeSurf does support all browsers.

Update 5/7/08: Comodo SafeSurf Toolbar Beta Released.

Hi Everyone,

I’d like to announce the first beta of Comodo’s new SafeSurf Toolbar Beta. The toolbar is only the first incarnation of what is going to be a very powerful and feature rich security enhancement to anyone’s browser.

The current bar has the following features:

  • Fast and easy searching with the search facility.
  • Constant browser protection powered by Comodo’s Memory Firewall.
  • Quick links to our online AV scanner to check your PC is free from threats.
  • Helpful search highlight system to show quickly and easily where in the page your search term is.
  • Quick and easy access to your favourite Comodo Homepage
  • Quick and easy access to the Comodo Forums for help and advice.
  • Internet Explorer support, FireFox to follow shortly.
  • Windows XP/Vista support.
  • And many more security enhancements and new features to follow in the very near future…

The toolbar setup is attached to this post.



If you have any question’s or concerns PM an Mod :slight_smile:


According to the CFP installation dialog the additional product undergoing user approval is Comodo Safesurf Toolbar described as a Search toolbar with BO protection.

This is actually achieved using two components:

  • Comodo Safesurf Toolbar (Rebranded Ask toolbar using Comodo Search( infrastructure) with access to Safesurf BO protection Configuration panel)
  • Safesurf BO protection engine (Featuring a BO protection engine that protects all applications)

The options presented in that dialog are
Install Comodo Safesurf, I agree to the above terms: Install Comodo Safesurf Toolbar (aka Comodo Search toolbar) including Safesurf BO protection engine by agreeing to Safesurf Toolbar EULA
Make Comodo my default search provider: Configure Comodo Search as Default Internet Explorer Search provider
Make Comodo Search my home page : Configure Comodo Search as Internet Explorer Homepage

By ticking Install Comodo Safesurf, I agree to the above terms there are two different uninstallers after reboot:

ASK Toolbar: Comodo Search toolbar based on infrastructure. Uninstall only the Rebranded Toolbar component
Comodo Safesurf: CMF BO protection technology. Comodo safesurf protect all applications by default including web browsers. Uninstall only Safesurf BO protection engine

[b]NOTE about the installation of the Search Toolbar component if ASK toolbar was uninstalled[/b]

If Safesurf BO protection engine is already installed (regardless the Comodo Search Toolbar is installed or not) the CFP installer will not show the above dialog.

If an user uninstalled only the Rebranded Toolbar component and wish to install it again, Comodo Safesurf uninstaller should be launched as well before uninstalling CFP again.

After a reboot CFP installer will show Safesurf Toolbar installation dialog again.

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Comodo Safesurf Bundled with CFP 3.0.25 Protects all applications

Even if a browser does not feature the toolbar Safesurf will protect it as long as it was not explicitely added to the exclusion list.

Safesurf Icon is

You can find Safesurf related files in [b]%Program Files%\COMODO\SafeSurf[/b]
You can download a test to check how BO protection technology works in Buffer Overflow Testing Application topic (the first two tests may be trapped by MS DEP).

[b]Comodo Safesurf Bundled with CFP 3.0.25 Vs. Comodo SafeSurf Toolbar Beta[/b]

The alternate Comodo SafeSurf Toolbar Beta Provides both Search aids and BO protection to browsers BUT as far I can tell it will protect only the browser in which it can be installed (not all applications).

This is because it does not feature a system-wide BO protection component as the one bundled with CFP 3.0.25

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