COMODO Rescue Disk (CRD) v2.0.275239.1 released!

Hi Everyone,

We are pleased to release COMODO Rescue Disk (CRD) v2.0.275239.1 today.

COMODO Rescue Disk (CRD) is a bootable disk image with COMODO Cleaning Essentials (CCE) for Linux embedded. CCE for Linux is a powerful virus, spyware, rootkit scanner and cleaner which works in both GUI and text mode. CRD works more efficient than CCE for Windows because it cleans your system before Windows operating system is loaded. It is designed to be used when malware embeds itself so deeply into your system that CCE for Windows cannot clean it or Windows cannot start because of any infection or abnormal system change. CRD also provides you with tools to explore files in your hard drive, take screenshot and browse web page.

This is the first update of v2.0:

  1. Use latest Comodo Antivirus Engine for Linux v2.0.272069.1
  2. Update registry scan component to fix registry related bugs

Download link:
size: 55.9 MB (58,707,968 bytes)
md5: ab796907df83fea76869ee585999c7a3
sha1: 20419a3daec806364d8506868c3fea5b07bae544

Appreciate a lot for your kind supports and welcome to give us your feedback.


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CRD created through CIS 6.1 will give this version?

Congratulations with the new release.

I see in text mode that it is possible to import the av database. That will make a lot of people happy.

Is this also possible to import the av database in the graphical environment?

   Great, I would like to keep it in my tools list.

Yet, download file is CRD 1.1.232326.14.

CRD show the update message.

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Acid like Cleaning!!!

Dear Sirs,

Execuse me please for my question, but I didn’t understand:

If CRD boots before Windows how can it download av database from Internet?

Or, av database was included to CRD before?

Best regards,

It boots to a Linux OS environment in which it runs; it will be able to download the signature from the web.

So, if PC hasn’t any Internet connection CRD doesn’t work? Is it correct?
Why don’t you want to add av database to .iso?

if you created to using the “Create Rescue Disk”, bases.cav (basic antivirus DB) includes.

*Download Complete Antivirus Database = bases.cav is ??

The complete Comodo Internet Security database is available for download. This is useful for those users that wish to manually replace the existing database or would like access to the database for other reasons. The complete, downloadable database is updated approximately every 2 days so may not contain all the latest definitions as shown in the table above.

No problem :wink:

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How can I “Create Rescue Disk”?
I only see here:

Download link:
size: 55.9 MB (58,707,968 bytes)

As I can see av database didn’t included there…

Just, other company (Dr.Web Live CD, for example) give full program that you can use without any additions. They just change the program time to time to upgrade av database…

“Creat Rescue Disk” is included in the CIS.

CIS Main / Tasks / Advanced Tasks / “Creat Rescue Disk”

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Ah… Thanks!

I’ve been using the Comodo Rescue Disk since the first one came out. I liked this disk from the start.

It just happens that I have a friend’s laptop that I am working on that was loaded with malware. It seems that the owner let her antivirus program subscription lapse for about 1 1/2 years.

I started with my old Rescue Disk but was informed there was a recent update. I downloaded the new ISO to a clean PC and made the new disk.

It worked great. Found all of the nasty stuff and fixed it, just as I expected. Great Job and Thank You for this new disk.

I also dumped the old outdated antivirus program and installed Comodo Internet Security 6, another great program.

Yeah well that’s just a method for burning it to disk resp. copy to usb. not needed if you got your own methods. If you don’t choose the iso file version 1.1.232326.14 is downloaded instead btw.

Anyway with that version i still got the problem that the system halts during boot reported at

i can’t believe that the simple md5sum test of the ufficial iso fails, let alone the usb stick create from cis 6, after the download of the virus database (the kernel and other stuff change etc…).

md5sum -c md5sum
boot/grub/splash.xpm.gz: OK
boot/vmlinuz-2.6.37-slitaz: FAILED
boot/isolinux/jp.cfg: OK
boot/isolinux/de_CH.kbd: OK
boot/isolinux/be.cfg: OK
boot/isolinux/es.cfg: OK
boot/isolinux/fr_CH.cfg: OK
boot/isolinux/hu.kbd: OK
boot/isolinux/ifmem.c32: OK
boot/isolinux/help.txt: OK
boot/isolinux/display.txt: OK
boot/isolinux/isolinux.msg: FAILED
boot/isolinux/ca.cfg: OK
boot/isolinux/hu.cfg: OK
boot/isolinux/us.cfg: OK
boot/isolinux/it.cfg: OK
boot/isolinux/de.kbd: OK
boot/isolinux/pt.kbd: OK
boot/isolinux/pt.cfg: OK
boot/isolinux/ca.kbd: OK
boot/isolinux/de.cfg: OK
boot/isolinux/fi.kbd: OK
boot/isolinux/ru.kbd: OK
boot/isolinux/us.kbd: OK
boot/isolinux/es.kbd: OK
boot/isolinux/de_CH.cfg: OK
boot/isolinux/common.cfg: OK
boot/isolinux/fi.cfg: OK
boot/isolinux/reboot.c32: OK
boot/isolinux/jp.kbd: OK
boot/isolinux/be.kbd: OK
boot/isolinux/fr_CH.kbd: OK
boot/isolinux/splash.lss: FAILED
boot/isolinux/br.cfg: OK
boot/isolinux/ OK
boot/isolinux/fr.kbd: OK
boot/isolinux/enhelp.txt: OK
boot/isolinux/br.kbd: OK
boot/isolinux/enopts.txt: OK
boot/isolinux/it.kbd: OK
boot/isolinux/options.txt: OK
boot/isolinux/ru.cfg: OK
boot/isolinux/en.cfg: OK
boot/isolinux/isolinux.cfg: FAILED
boot/isolinux/en.kbd: OK
boot/isolinux/fr.cfg: OK
boot/rootfs.gz: FAILED
boot/gpxe: OK
boot/bzImage: FAILED
index.html: OK
style.css: OK
md5sum: WARNING: 6 computed checksums did NOT match

Just to write it here too, as i shouldn’t be forgotten: As i have written at;msg679956#msg679956 - CRD should have boot options being more failsave.

Hello. Is this modified version of Comodo’s Backup built-in rescue disk?

I have noticed I can burn Comodo’s Bacup rescue disk with either CD or DVD.
What difference does it make which media I use? Do I get more utilities/addons
using DVD?


I’m trying to run CCE on a machine with limited space on C: and I can get it running in text mode only (graphics mode on 2 monitors I get an error on the monitors that vga mode is out of range). When it does the update of the Bases file it gets to 44% or thereabout then shows Killed on the left and stops.

If I wanted to download the latest definitions, put them on D: which has 28G free then do an Import to CCE which of the two options do I choose please ??

Anti-Malware : Download Complete Antivirus Database

a) For users of Comodo Antivirus or Internet Security 5.8 & newer:

b) For users of Comodo Antivirus or Internet Security 5.5 & older:

You need 5.8 and newer.