Comodo Registry Cleaner Wishlist V1 [CLOSED]

Program will only install to c:\ drive. We need more drive letters please

this might be a little early but after reading the other topic about future CRC versions turning into a CCleaner type program, i really like the way you can save what cookies you want when clearing out cache, temp, etc. in ccleaner. it would be nicd to see it in CRC too

It’s 3 MB now… so much smaller. I hope this is ok with you as it won’t get smaller that this.

There is “crc.exe /scan” but it start the GUI on Clean-up page. Still it requires confirmation before scan and clean.

If you want something else, please let me know and we’ll see if its suitable to add into CRC.

Thanks a lot Andrei, I’m more than happy! :slight_smile:


Saving registry Backups in a proprietary format instead of REGEDIT format is a very very risky practice, and may lead to unrecoverable states.

I don’t understand why you did this, and hope that you in future will store backups in REGEDIT format. A double click on .REG file and no more problems.


Some software I was using edited my “BootExecute” registry key data to:

"autocheck autochk *
autocheck ?8U?³?³?³?³$??³?³?³
autocheck crcnat.exe
autocheck "

This causes a MS-DOS error to be displayed for a few seconds, before booting into Windows.

In order to fix this; I changed the data to:

“autocheck autochk *”

My wish is that CRC would have the ability to detect and fix this. I know this might be tricky to do correctly, since some legit programs may change this, but I am sure Comodo can pull it off.


I’ve installed and tested both Beta releases and I find it to be a very good registry cleaner (IMHO). I agree that it should save backups in a .reg format and would like to add that it should use less cpu resource. It nearly overheated my machine in XP Pro SP3 and did crash my machine in Vista Ultimate.

I have a P4 3.0HT, 2GB RAM, GeForce 7600GS AGP on a GigaByte GA-8IPE1000 rev 2.0x motherboard with 3 120mm fans (2 intake and 1 exhaust). Yes my cpu regularly runs warm but it does not overheat with any other registry cleaner (I have 10 others).

Most important to have IMHO is “undo” or export feature to export a TEXT list of all registry keys to be deleted. Programs like this are always running in unknown territories - MS changes/add s registry keys/values, other programs also does same. Many times you delete a registry key unknowingly and will only discover somethings wrong only days later and there no way out except to reinstall/restore your windows.

Size of program is a non issue to me. Accuracy and recoverability is the most important to me.

No “.REG” format, No Party.

Many thanks for Your program, I uninstalled it.


i checked

[*]Other (Please Specify): I want it to have an in-built changelog. This way our staff can list the changes made so far with ease.

Just to clarify the “remove all temp files” thing, which is in the poll:

It addresses the temp files created by CRC itself, after compacting. Not random temp/junk files on the PC created by other software.

The poll may be misleading and make people think it refers to all temp files on the system, which can be removed with e.g. CCleaner.


thanks for clearing that up. I thought just as you predicted. That it clears all the files in temp dir

Here are my suggestions for CRC after using v1.0.12.16:

A. Create a System Restore point before cleaning in case the PC cannot boot normally after cleaning, where Windows offers the option of reverting to the last known-good configuration.

B. Allow backups to be named by the user. I like CCleaner’s method of defaulting the filename to the date and time and allowing the user to edit or append the name.

C. Backup in RegEdit-compatible .reg format (like CCleaner) for the following reasons:

  • human-readable so advanced users can see what will be restored and choose the correct backup
  • a copy can be edited to restore a subset
  • double-clicking on the file will invoke RegEdit to import/restore the changes

D. Allow the user to see what is wrong with the a registry item and what action will occur if it is allowed to be cleaned. I suggest displaying this when the user hovers the mouse over the item. Without this info, the user may be concerned that a registry item will be deleted even though it is for a valid application (when, most often, CRC will fix the registry item instead).

E. See the following statements in the Optimize Section of the User’s Guide:

  1. “The backup/restore tab allows you backup Windows Registry so you can use it to restore the registry to the current status in case you encounter some system failure or if you want to undo any changes.”
  2. “By default, the COMODO Registry Cleaner automatically creates a backup of the entries it changes in the Windows Registry before each scan.”

Statement 1 can give the impression that the whole registry is backed up, which is undesirable to restore when other desirable registry changes have occurred. Statement 2 is correct, but it is after the picture, so the user may understand statement 1 in isolation and think CRC has a bad backup strategy.

i also agree

There should be option to hide Unsafe entries. I mean to hide that compeltelly from the cleaning screen.
They are unsafe and as such there is really no need to have them there. But there should be option to enable those Unsafe options (to show them up).

when i add entries to the ignore list they don’t appear in the cleaning screen…

being able to rename/add comments to backup files



  • I want a build in reg editor to scan, find and review certain entries before deleting…

  • I want a certain policy mode which is making sure that risky applications running in the background (Windows update, Anti virus, HIPS, etcetera…) are being deactivated during a scan so they will not being any conflicts… I use policy mode because I mean you can make your own rules and modify them etcetera…

  • I want the option to let CRC hide in the background and watches for invalid registry entries when reinstalling an application or deleting and stuff… I mean… when doing a install reinstall CRC watches and detects invalid stuff… when the installaton is done CRC showing you the invalid entries of that installation…

  • I want a build in encyclopedia/dictionary for novice users…

  • I want more detailed info when scanning is done and results are showed: I want to know from what category it belongs, what program it belongs, is it safe to delete? (you can use colors like green, orange and red…), more log information presented in a friendly user interface result page…

Just a comment on the Windows Update matter: I guess this one would have to be running, and CRC stops itself from scanning, rather than the other way around. That would prevent Windows Update from being abrupted by CRC.