Comodo Registry Cleaner Wishlist V1 [CLOSED]

Please post what you would like to see in upcoming versions of Comodo Registry Cleaner (CRC).


Thread opened as the first beta is launced…


First two wishes for the COMODO Genie to grant ;D

  1. Make CRC smaller. 7.5 megs is too much IMHO
  2. Make it completely portable :wink:

Thank you ! Congratulations for this nice new release in COMODO’s lineup of FREE products (B)

Why I am not surprised you created just those 2 options and that you voted on both of them and that you would expect me to follow suit? ;D

I didn’t set up the poll, it must have been Xan. I haven’t even voted!


Now you did ;D

You wish (I haven’t voted yet). Which you’re entitled to - after all, this is the wishlist! Now let’s stay on topic!

Wish: CRC to automatically remove the temp files it creates after compacting+rebooting.



Sorry to be still OT, but I’m desperately looking for the other 253 options to vote for…


What if someone wants CRC to be both portable and smaller? 88)


What if some one wants otherwise?

You proved your point. 88)

I voted for portable and smaller as a first vote ;D

Cheers :■■■■

Why would the third option exist in clearing temp files if the name only suggests “registry” ???

Option To Monitor Registry Changes For Quicker Scan/Process Of Removing “Invalid” Regs


I tried the compacting function, and I couldn’t find any temp files afterwards… my wish came true? (:CLP)



In the current form CRC is actually portable, except for the compact function which requires some files in correct location. But my advise is to please wait until next release which will be fully portable…

…and smaller… much smaller.


Sorry, but CRC does not remove files as it’s a Registry cleaner. But don’t worry, we’ll help you with this also.

Yeah… Good News. Ummm… 9MB for a Reg Cleaner ? 88) :SMLR


I know this, I was referring to the temp files that CRC creates after compacting. At least it did so in the earlier betas, which weren’t released publically. E.g. I think there was a file called software.tmp in Windows\system32\config.

Anyhow, after my last compacting (with I couldn’t find any temp files created by CRC. :-TU


I would like it if you could run crc via command prompt automatically, like for scheduling purposes.