COMODO Registry Cleaner - screenshots

CRC coming up! Currently in alpha, mods are testing.



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hehe, you were just that bit faster ;D. Deleting my topic about it now :P.


Just for info :wink:

Comodo will release it’s own registry cleaner in the near future!!! The development looks good as it is even better then Regseeker for the moment, it also features compacting and back-up. At this moment it’s in pre-alpha stage.



Ah, that’s why, I was confused. :smiley:


omg. PLEASE make it portable. If anything, that is my one request.

it’s portable ;D


More screens added. :slight_smile:

Yes, it should be portable, but it’s not really portable right now.

If you thought RegSeeker found many things, CRC found another 300 invalid registry entries on my system!

When the beta is here, it’ll be released on the forum, for public testing.


Personaly I don’t recommend the use of registry cleaners :

  • A registry cleaner has almost no influence on the performance of a pc.
  • A registry cleaner can damage the Windows register. And a damaged register is a damaged Windows.
  • So when you use a registry cleaner you should know something about the Windows register : Which registry keys can be removed, and which can not. Most people don’t know that.

So be very carefull with registry cleaners :-\

Greetz, Red.

That is why 99% of ALL registry cleaners have a back up feature. Hell even CCleaner has the option to back up before cleaning.

Not even backup features are completely safe, though, which I’ve experienced. Once I got problems due to RegSeeker and backup didn’t help.


The problem with registry backups is that at the time you discover that something is wrong, it is possible that the backup doesn’t correspond with the actual situation, and can cause you other/more problems as well :-\

Greetz, Red.

I have used alot of registry cleaners and never a problem. But I also only use them to delete left over strings of programs I am no longer using. When you first run any registry cleaner it may find 200 problems. When people see this the immediately click “FIX” without even knowing what they are fixing. I never do this and if I do not know what the string is I leave it alone.

But are registry keys “no longer in use” real registry problems ??? I bet that if you have a real registry problem, you make a backup and fix it yoursellf :slight_smile: You don’t need registry cleaners for that :wink:

Greetz, Red.

I agree that cleaning the registry is a dangerous game!
That’s why it should be left to the professionals!!

There are many companies out there that clean things without knowing the implications hence give Registry Cleaners a bad name!

With Comodo Registry Cleaner (CRC) you will see that even though we will find more issues/things to clean than others and clean more, there will be some we simply won’t touch, whereas others will happily delete. We want this tool to make life better for you not worse! So our focus is to make sure it doesn’t throw the good out with the bad!


it will be a very good thing if it had a search option where you could lookup one software instead of the whole thing, thats something I always look for


Maybe CRCs “Filter” can do what you need?

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Comodo Registry Cleaner is very good, To be honest it’s the best I tried so far, Found more stuff then Reg Seekers & Yet after it cleaned & I rebooted my PC still runs ;D. Soon this will be released as a beta to you guys…

It will be well worth to play around, but not on production PC’s. :slight_smile:


I agree when you say " a registry cleaner can damage the Windows register". But that depends on what registry cleaner you use. Some detect everything they can, some will detect only certain keys that do not need to be placed at the registry anymore.

I once tested a registry cleaner that always found like 1000 registry keys to be deleted. Most of them were needed for other processes to work properly.

The only registry cleaner I use is MV RegClean and it only detected entries that are no longer valid and I can safely deleted them all. I use it for a very long time and never had any sort of problem.

And before cleaning the registry of course one must always back it up. Personally, I perform a full backup of the registry, rather than the backups done by registry tool it self.

Also, there are moments when a registry cleaner is needed. I once uninstalled an application, to install the new version. It didn’t allow an upgrade. After uninstalling it with the built-in uninstaller, I couldn’t install the new version. It would always give an error message.
I cleaned the registry and then could install the application.

We just need to be carefull with what registry cleaners with deal with.

Just got my copy right now, looks great so far :slight_smile: Much better than any of the others I have used in the past.

New internal version is out today and GUI improvements, removed Reg Watch (reduced memory & speed improvements).

Doing some final testing before public beta.


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